Kerala Police to use AI algorithms in crime data mining – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In an effort to effectively utilize the voluminous amount of information contained in its digital repository, the police department has initiated a process to prepare an artificial intelligence-based data analytics platform for better retrieval and data management.

According to senior police officials, this would help in optimal crime analysis as well as predictive policing. The police department has a digital repository of information spanning the past two decades. The repository contains vital data such as crime statistics, intelligence entries and FIRs, and its effective use could help law enforcement identify potential crime scenes and suspects.

The AI-powered data analysis platform will be integrated into new police software, iCoPS, which is currently under development. South Zone IG P ​​Prakash, who is the Nodal Officer of the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS), said effective use of data is imperative for better functioning police forces and that the platform form of AI-powered data analysis will provide actionable data. develop personalized police strategies for each situation.

“We have a huge amount of data with us. But data in raw format won’t help. What we need are inferences from the data. AI algorithms are going to play a major role in extracting patterns and designs from data,” he said.

As a first step, 15 hand-picked police officers were sent for training in AI and data analytics at the Kerala Digital University (DUK) campus in Pallippuram. The training program includes 150 hours of classroom sessions led by industry experts and researchers. Prakash said AI can be used for a variety of police tasks, ranging from facial recognition to data processing.

“AI has enormous potential. From identifying unclaimed corpses to mapping crime patterns, it has a vital role to play,” he added. AI tools can also be used to crack unsolved cases as they will provide insight into the weapons used, locations of the events and time of the crimes by exploring the history of the crimes.

15 hand-picked police officers were sent for AI and data analytics training at the Digital University campus in Pallippuram

Sharon D. Cole