Jim Carrey’s Retirement Makes Sonic 3 Villain Theory More Important

Based on clues and games, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 may need a dangerous villain other than Shadow the Hedgehog to replace Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik.

Due to Jim Carrey, who played the villainous Dr. Robotnik in sonic the hedgehog and sonic the hedgehog 2potentially soon to be retired, the theory that sonic the hedgehog 3 may imply Metal Sonic has become more prominent. Given the popularity of Sonic live action movie franchise, Sonic 2 has already set up Sonic 3. However, the future of the franchise became complicated when Carrey announced that he planned to retire from acting. Fortunately, Sonic 2 foreshadowed the rise of two new villains in Sonic 3: Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic.

While Shadow is the most obvious villain, due to his appearance in sonic the hedgehog 2 mid-credits scene, the Sonic series also subtly hinted that Metal Sonic might appear in Sonic 3. Created by Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic was an evil robot inspired by the hero he was meant to destroy. Given Dr. Robotnik’s desire to harness Sonic’s power for his own use, it makes sense that he would want to build a robot that could copy Sonic. Moreover, the Sonic the films were mainly inspired by three video games, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles. Whether sonic the hedgehog 3 continues to draw from that era, the only video game left is sonic cdwhich included the debut of Metal Sonic.


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However, this game also featured female hedgehog Amy Rose for the first time. Since there have already been rumors of Amy Rose joining the Sonic movies, sonic the hedgehog 3 could easily feature her and Metal Sonic at the same time. Without Carrey to play Sonic’s nemesis Eggman, sonic the hedgehog 3 will need another equally dangerous villain, if not more so. Although Shadow could potentially fulfill this role, it seems likely that Sonic 3 will also include a second antagonist. Based on past events and clues in the Sonic franchise, Metal Sonic would be the ideal villain, allowing sonic the hedgehog 3 to explore the legacy of Dr. Robotnik and stage a powerful enemy.

Metal Sonic in the chemical plant area.

Although Dr. Robotnik does not appear in sonic the hedgehog 3, the threequel could face the consequences of their actions to maintain the story arc of the trilogy. The sonic the hedgehog 2 The mid-credits scene already sets this up, explaining that GUN agents discovered the coordinates of a secret lab containing Shadow in a database on Dr. Robotnik. Additionally, the scene revealed that Dr. Robotnik’s loyal assistant, Agent Stone, had survived. sonic 2 final battle and disguises himself as a GUN agent. Since Metal Sonic was one of Dr. Robotnik’s greatest creations, it would only make sense for Agent Stone to use Sonic’s feather to empower Metal Sonic and exact revenge on the Hedgehog. In this way, Metal Sonic would not only be part of Dr. Robotnik’s legacy, but would also symbolically fulfill his ambition to claim Sonic’s power for himself.

Moreover, if sonic the hedgehog 3 can’t include Dr. Robotnik, it’ll need another dangerous and interesting villain to replace him. As a complex character and one of Sonic’s biggest rivals, Shadow the Hedgehog seems like the obvious choice and will likely drive much of the conflict in Sonic 3. However, Shadow often turns out well and joins Sonic at the end of the video games, hinting that he will do the same in Sonic 3. In contrast, Metal Sonic’s sole objective is to prove his superiority over Sonic by eliminating him. Because of this, it’s taken entire teams of heroes to defeat him before, making him one of Sonic’s toughest foes. If Shadow ends up getting good, he could join the heroes to fight Metal Sonic in a perfect sonic the hedgehog 3 turn.

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