Jellyfish are the souls of deceased sisters

When FromSoftware came out Ring of Elden in February 2022, it received many theories, reviews and videos from fans exploring its vast world or simply sharing the gaming experience with other fans. Amid all the online content created about the title, a Reddit user came up with a theory that makes the intricate world and story even weirder.

Redditor u/FreeWatercressSalad posted about two tombs located in the Stargazers Ruins. They are addressed to Aurelia and Aureliette, two jellyfish spirits who linger nearby, with the inscription “Here lie Aurelia and Aureliette, who have never seen the stars”. This refers to one of the jellyfish spirits saying that she wanted to “see the stars” with her sister. In the same area, players can hear the calm voice of a young girl searching for her sister. Some players have also said that jellyfish only emerge at night, alluding to the mention of stars on their graves.

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Any Ring of Elden player knows that jellyfish can be summoned in battle. When summoned, Aurelia is the sister who helps the player fight enemies. She can be summoned when the player uses Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. However, when in combat, Jellyfish can be easily interrupted during an attack due to their long engagement duration.

Jellyfish, as creatures and symbols, have several meanings. Although they may be described as “a weak or weak-willed person”, jellyfish as spirit animals can be seen as possessing “survival, pain, and hidden strength”, which adds to the heartbreak of Aurelia and Aureliette’s story. In fact, their names are inspired by an actual jellyfish, “the aurelia aurita”, known more colloquially as “moon jelly”.

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Since its launch, Ring of Elden was considered a dark and tragic game with an overall eerie tone. Among the many character stories, side quests, and plot progression, the story of Aurelia and Aureliette is far from the saddest story or discovery in the game world. obscurity of the game, it maintained overwhelmingly positive reviews and critical acclaim. The game currently sits at 10/10 on IGN and GameSpot. Ring of Elden became the biggest video game launch since Call of Duty: Vanguardreleased in November 2021.

While many players might be sad to learn the true story of Aurelia and Aureliette, it only adds to the complex and intricate world, lore, and character building that Ring of Elden became so acclaimed for. Hopefully, with the help of the players, Aurélia and Auréliette will finally be able to sit down and gaze at the stars: the dream they both aspired to pursue eons ago.

Sharon D. Cole