Introducing a pair of high powered speaker controllers from Theory Audio

Theoretical audio design (opens in a new tab) introduced the DLC-1000.4 and DLC-1500.4 Distribution Loudspeaker Controllers at CEDIA 2022. Ideal for any residential or commercial installation where high-power distributed or surround sound is needed, each model offers four channels of intelligent power (up to at 1500 W per channel), a full DSP matrix, and is controlled by TCP/IP via a wired connection, or directly via its integrated Wi-Fi access point.

Theory’s product ecosystem offers many of the performance qualities of professional audio products. This includes effortless dynamics, high efficiency and rugged durability combined with Theory’s intelligent whole-system design approach, with automatically matched loudspeaker DSP.

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The DLC-1000.4 and DLC-1500.4 are designed to be the heart of any high-performance Theory distributed or surround sound system. With power sharing per channel pair of up to 1000W for the DLC-1000.4 or 1500W for the 1500.4, each DLC offers the flexibility to power any size system. Via configurable outputs, the DLC models can drive up to 16 Theory 16 ohm ceiling or pendant speakers in Lo-Z mode, and the DLC-1500.4 can drive up to 200 Theory architectural speakers in Hi-Z mode. Z, or an optimal hybrid of the two or any amount in between. This feature is especially beneficial in commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants, retail environments, fitness centers and spas where a combination of power, from quiet background noise to foreground sound strong, is required.

In hotels, educational institutions and corporate environments where there are multiple rooms of varying sizes, DLC models offer complete flexibility in terms of available power. S/PDIF master/slave functionality allows multiple DLCs to be used to cover all of these needs, and each loudspeaker controller takes up only two rack spaces. Houses of worship require reliable, high-quality voice amplification, while covering a wide distribution area with many specialized loudspeakers. DLC speaker controllers are up to the challenge, delivering high-quality amplification and superior speech intelligibility in large spaces.

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“Because DLC models can operate in either 8 ohm or 70V/100V modes, separately or in combination, and because all of our architectural loudspeakers have the same dual operation, systems of any size or complexity can easily be made from of these amazingly powerful units,” said Paul Hales, president of Theory Audio Design. “And because our in-ceiling and pendant models can operate at 16 ohms, up to 16 speakers can be driven from one only DLC without the need to invoke the 70V transformers, thus preserving ultimate sound quality. With up to 1500W per channel, there’s power in reserve to drive the largest subwoofers or screen speakers in large dedicated rooms.

DLC models are EMC and safety certified and ErP and EnergySTAR compliant. In early 2023, Dante-enabled versions of the DLC-1000.4 and DLC-1500.4 will offer even more flexibility and ease of installation by adding Dante network audio and AES67 compatibility.

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Sharon D. Cole