Innovatrics Biometric Fingerprint Algorithms Stand Out in NIST Test

Innovatrics has announced that it has further improved its Minex III fingerprint algorithms, building on its previous best results in the latest tests from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

According to test resultsthe company’s biometric fingerprint algorithm remained at number one in the pooled category and is now number one in the native category.

In addition, the Innovatrics pattern generator is now the world’s fastest in the single-finger native category and second (tied with neurotech) in accuracy in aggregated results.

From a technical perspective, NIST Minex III testing verifies the interoperability of pattern generators and matchers from different vendors so that they can be deployed in applications for the Personal Identity Verification Program of the US government.

Concretely, the matcher’s accuracy in detail matching will improve searches and identification in large databases, such as those found in Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) and used to solve criminal cases, protect borders and prevent identity fraud.

“Thanks to the improved algorithm, the system is state-of-the-art for identifying people via fingerprints,” says Matus Kapusta, ABIS business unit manager at Innovatrics. According to the executive, ABIS based on Innovatrics’ biometric algorithms is already in use in countries around the world with more than a billion people registered.

Going forward, the company said the pattern generator will find its way into mobile and embedded devices that require fast fingerprint extraction even with limited computing power.

The announcement comes months after the company announced the top results for iris matching in the 2021 U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Biometric Tech Rally.

Most recently, the company launched a new comprehensive digital identity verification platform and released a new digital onboarding toolkit designed for contactless hotel check-in applications.

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Sharon D. Cole