Increased complexity leaves users struggling with cloud security

The vast majority of customers are unable to detect and respond to cyberattacks affecting their cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud MSP Aptum has shared details of its annual report Cloud Impact Reportwhich shows that customers are struggling with complexity and visibility issues.

The experiences of the pandemic, with the massive shift to remote working, has accelerated cloud adoption, but customers have also found that complexity has increased in parallel.

This situation has left a large number of users scrambling to protect and manage data. Aptum found that 90% of respondents cite controlling and governing access to cloud environments as a challenge, and the same percentage also believe they lack a clear mechanism to detect and respond to security threats across all the environments.

“Companies use different environments for different purposes,” said Marvin Sharp, vice president of product strategy at Aptum. “For example, an application development platform and another as a production site. This is where you get the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment.

“But moving workloads between the two environments puts data at risk,” he added. “Therefore, in a hybrid work environment, organizations must consider securing points A and B, as well as the movement of data between them.”

In the past, financial criteria have been the main factors influencing customers’ cloud choices, but the report found that security was increasingly the number one issue customers were looking for assurances on.

Other takeaways for the channel are that while many customers have security issues, those issues haven’t dampened the desire to move more towards the cloud.

The research underscored momentum on this front, with a high number of respondents (91%) indicating that they see cloud computing as essential for data management. Just over half also believe it has had a positive impact on data governance.

There should also be an opportunity for the channel in its role as a trusted advisor to help customers around cloud strategy.

The report found that only 20% of organizations had a holistic cloud strategy in place. The remaining 80% followed a piecemeal approach that made it harder for them to follow a long-term vision.

Sharon D. Cole