Harry Potter Theory Explains a Major Unsolved Spell Mystery

There are many rules of magic in the wizarding world, and this Harry Potter theory explains an unsolved mystery of spells from the franchise.

A new Harry Potter The theory explains a major unsolved spell mystery that gives more insight into the complicated rules of magic. The Harry Potter the universe has expanded considerably with the release of the fantastic beasts frankness, although a better Harry Potter The prequel has already been written and has given audiences a better look into the depths of the wizarding world. Throughout the Harry Potter movies, the magic proves to be varied and versatile, from fixing Harry’s glasses to Apparating across the land – and the rules are diverse and versatile too.


One magical ability is Apparition, which allows the wizard to transport himself from one location to another. Apparating requires a great deal of skill and mind control, and so Wizards are not allowed to practice Apparating until they are 17 years old, as any mistake made while trying to Apparate can cause “burst”, like what happened to Ron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There are more rules and difficulties with Apparating, such as trying to Apparate long distances. JK Rowling confirmed (via jkrowling.com) that Newt Scamander had to take the boat first (and arguably the best) fantastic beasts movie because Apparating that far could be seriously damaging.

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It’s not just wizarding rules that affect magic in Harry Pottera theory (via Reddit) explains that a wizard’s skill level affects the execution of the spell, which was previously an unsolved mystery. When Apparating, most wizards make a popping noise, but the theory goes that the most skilled wizards, like Dumbledore, Apparate silently. The theory compares this to Mundungus Fletcher who Apparates with the sound of a gunshot or even House Elves, who have another type of magic, and Apparates with “loud creaks”. The theory compares when Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange visited Snape in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Narcissa’s Apparition is described as having a “low pop”, while Bellatrix, who is different in the Harry Potter books, is with a “second loudest pop”, which shows that Narcissa is more skilled than Bellatrix.

How Magic is Influenced by Magic Level in Harry Potter

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This spell mystery was never discussed by Rowling, but the effort to include these descriptions for each wizard supports the Apparition theory. It’s likely that the wizard’s skill reflected in the execution isn’t limited to Apparating, and spells performed by less skilled wizards would either make louder noises or be visibly less impressive. When Dumbledore and Voldemort clash Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, they both use non-verbal spells and their execution is very quiet and clean. There are only sounds coming from the damaged building around them and the magic is clearly visible from their wands. In comparison, second year Ron Weasley tries to attack Malfoy with “Eastern slugs!” in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which uses the same musical signal as star wars. Although he had a broken wand, Ron is very inexperienced at this point and the light that comes from his wand is very explosive, unlike the quick flashes the audience will see later. Harry Potter movies.

This small detail underlines the complexity of the magic in the Harry Potter universe and its reflection in the movies supports the theory. The ability to perform non-verbal spells is possible only by experienced wizards. The audience can see how these are used more in later films, which further supports the theory as it improves the spell’s performance. Although this has not been confirmed by Rowling, who has been mostly ignored in the Harry Potter meeting, the theory explains the major mystery surrounding Apparition and the amount of magic influenced by a wizard’s skill level in general.

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