Global CIO Report Reveals Challenges Organizations Face as Cloud Complexity Grows

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) today announced the results of an independent global survey of 1,303 CIOs and chief cloud and IT operations managers at large enterprises. The results showed that as the evolution towards cloud-native architectures accelerates, the data generated by these environments exceeds the ability of current solutions to produce meaningful analytics. CIOs have noted that their teams rely on multiple disparate data monitoring and analytics solutions to maintain observability and security, making it difficult to quickly extract answers and drive digital transformation. The Global CIO’s free 2022 report, “How to Tame the Data Explosion and Overcome Cloud Complexity,” is available here.

Research reveals the following:

  • 71% of CIOs say the explosion of data produced by cloud-native technology stacks is beyond human management capabilities.

  • More than three-quarters (77%) of CIOs say their IT environment changes once a minute or less.

  • CIOs say their teams use an average of 10 monitoring tools on their tech stacks, but only have observability on 9% of their environment.

  • 59% of CIOs say that without a more automated approach to IT operations, their teams may soon be overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of their technology stack.

  • 64% of CIOs say it has become more difficult to attract and retain enough skilled IT operators and DevOps professionals to manage and maintain their cloud-native stack.

“Multicloud and cloud-native architectures are essential to helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals,” said Bernd Greifeneder, Founder and CTO, Dynatrace. “While organizations benefit from the flexibility and scale that these technologies bring, the explosion of observability and security data they produce is increasingly difficult to manage and analyze. Existing tools — and there may be dozens of them — keep data in silos, making it difficult and expensive to unlock insights when organizations need it. As a result, they struggle to achieve the highest security and performance standards for all of their digital services. »

Other survey findings include:

  • 45% of CIOs say it’s too expensive to manage the large volume of observability and security data using existing analytics solutions, so they only keep what’s most critical.

  • On average, organizations only capture 10% of observability data for queries and analytics.

  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) of CIOs say the costs and delays caused by reindexing and rehydrating make it difficult to get value from the growing amount of data they capture.

  • 43% of CIOs say that current approaches to ingesting and storing observability data will not meet their future needs.

  • 93% of CIOs say IAOps and automation are increasingly critical to easing the shortage of skilled IT, dev, and security professionals and reducing the risk of team burnout from complexity modern cloud and development environments.

“In the midst of a sea of ​​data, individual data points are much more valuable when they retain context, which is why teams invest so much effort trying to correlate different streams,” Greifeneder continued. “But today’s manual approaches are too reactive and slow, and they miss the most important information. Teams urgently need a new approach to observability and security data analysis and management. Artificial intelligence and automation should underpin this approach, and it should be able to unify all data and keep their relationships and dependencies intact. This will allow organizations to maximize the value of their data and people, reducing time spent on mundane manual tasks and enabling faster and more secure innovation. »

The report is based on a global survey conducted by Coleman Parkes and commissioned by Dynatrace of 1,303 experienced CIOs and IT practitioners involved in managing cloud and IT operations in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees. The sample included 200 respondents in the United States, 100 in Latin America, 603 in Europe, 150 in the Middle East and 250 in Asia-Pacific.

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Sharon D. Cole