Genius Umbrella Academy Theory Predicts Klaus Is The Next Villain

Warning: this article contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

Despite being the friendliest member of The Umbrella Academy, a theory suggests that Klaus could become a sort of secondary “villain” for season 4. Although it seems almost impossible to imagine Klaus as an antagonistic force towards his own family, his powers growing stronger, as well as other things, could easily make him a hindrance to his siblings in the upcoming season. Additionally, a pattern has emerged in The Umbrella Academy who predicts this exact thing.

As always, families have disagreements and fallout can occur. In a superpowered family, these disagreements can be deadly. This has already been seen in previous seasons of The Umbrella Academywhere Viktor nearly ended the world due to family trauma and then Allison betrayed her siblings in The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends because they were unwilling to do what she wanted them to do. It’s clear that The Umbrella Academy hasn’t been shy about creating family rifts, but Klaus might be the least expected to go that route.


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Klaus largely remained one of the more easily loved umbrellas, which might be a low bar considering the rest of the group. His adopted brother and sister Allison and Luther had a very contentious relationship, Diego has a bloated and damaging hero complex, Five is as ruthless as they come, and Viktor nearly ended the world twice. As Klaus struggled with addiction and started a cult in the 1960s, these examples are usually played as a traumatized but lovable thug. However, a member of the Umbrella Academy has acted against the family’s goals each season, and The Umbrella Academy season 4 would be the logical time for Klaus to take on this role, given his title of Umbrella Academy Number 4.

How Klaus’ “Villain” Turn Is Set Up In Umbrella Academy Seasons 1-3

Emmy Raver Lampman as Allison in Umbrella Academy

A Theory (via Twitter) suggests that each season’s number correlates to an Umbrella Academy number that will be split against the rest of the family, sometimes even acting as a secondary “villain” for that part of the plot. Thus, in season 1, it was Luther (Number One) who became the most troublesome of the main group. Luther was blinded by loyalty to his abusive father, Reginald. While all of the other Umbrella members disbanded and left the Academy, Luther was the only one left. Luther clinging to the past and continuing to admire his father made him annoyingly naive, putting him at odds with his siblings and making him a hindrance by his refusal to accept Reginald’s faults.

Then it was Diego (number two) who became a problem in Season 2, after he became obsessed with saving John F. Kennedy from his famous assassination. His hero complex completely consumed him, and where the rest of the members tried to protect the natural course of time, Diego constantly tried to thwart their efforts by trying to stop history’s most famous assassination, the against his family. Finally, in season 3, Allison (number three) becomes the Academy’s most intentionally evil member. In the new timeline, her daughter Claire does not exist, and she becomes calculated, manipulative, and ruthless without her. She completely distances herself from her brothers, essentially turning her back on them and even betraying them. She kills Harlan, belittles Viktor, attacks Luther, and then inadvertently causes Luther to be murdered. This pattern, evident even in season 1, would make Klaus (number four) the next problem in The Umbrella Academy season 4.

How Klaus Can Become a Problem in Umbrella Academy Season 4

Justin H Min as Ben in Umbrella Academy

As noted, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Klaus going against his family in the same vein as Allison and becoming an antagonistic force – but that might not be entirely off the table, as Luther and Diego don’t didn’t know how they were in the way of the family. with their respective problem child moments. First, when the family separated at the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3, Klaus accompanied by the aptly nicknamed “New Ben.“New Ben, although Klaus tries to work on him, is still not an entirely pleasant person, apparently due to his equally traumatic upbringing at the hands of Reginald Hargreeves. New Ben has shown little loyalty, respect or compassion towards his fellow Academy members Sparrow, and he’ll likely show the Umbrellas even less of that. about Klaus’ grief and take him with him.

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There is also the problem described in The Umbrella Academy post-credit scene, where it seems to be revealed that this timeline now has two Bens, and it might even be a version of the original Ben. Klaus’ necromancy powers meant he was always closest to Ben, and the two spent many years in each other’s company long after his death in the mysterious”Jennifer incident.“However, the Academy, and Five in particular, has always been about following the natural course of time and eliminating any discrepancies. The fact that there are two Bens in a timeline would surely be an issue that the group should eliminate, but Klaus might not be too supportive of the idea, which could lead to him turning against the family.

Finally, Klaus’ new power to be nearly invincible and his newfound confidence after going through his childhood trauma made him a force to be reckoned with. That too could be what makes him such a problem in The Umbrella Academy season 4. Assuming the family gets their powers back at some point (which seems likely), Klaus’ newfound power, combined with Ben’s situation, could lead to him becoming estranged from his siblings as they largely focus on the new problem of the Hargreeves-Empire. In Klaus’ mind, defeating Hargreeves could take precedence over everything else, which could seriously separate him from his family.

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