Game Theory’s MatPat uses math to create Markiplier’s perfect Pokemon

In response to Markiplier’s weird Pokémon Smash or Pass video from last month, Game Theory’s MatPat posted an even weirder analysis video.

MatPat from popular gaming YouTube channel Game Theory recently released a new video that uses math to conceptualize the most ideal Pokemon for Markiplier. The video in question was inspired by the release of Markiplier’s 24-minute video titled Smash or Pass: All 898 Pokémon, an activity that has inspired streamers like Ludwig to do the same. While the idea of ​​playing Smash or Pass with fictional characters as subjects isn’t new, the focus on Pokémon is a more particular and specific trend.

Game Theory has been a staple on YouTube for a number of years, making videos about, as the name of the channel suggests, various video games and their lore or mysteries. Some of the channel’s most popular videos cover viral games like Genshin Impact and Five nights at Freddy’s, but it’s packed with analytics for all sorts of releases. Game Theory is led by the charismatic MatPat, who frequently connects with other creators and creates other assorted pieces of game content. Game Theory videos, while fun and light-hearted, often use rational thinking and research to supposedly uncover hidden secrets in beloved video games. With its massive roster of creatures and varied regions, Pokemon is a series particularly suited to the treatment of Game Theory.


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The most recent game theory the video does not offer Pokemon theory in the direct sense, however. Instead, the video uses math to create the “perfect“Pokémon for Markiplier based on his answers in his Smash or Pass video. In the theory video, MatPat states that the overwhelming majority of “To break“The choices were Gen 7 Pokémon, which factor into the equation. Other factors, such as size, weight, and the most common colors featured by the “To breakPokémon, were also considered. In the end, MatPat found that there was no Pokémon that perfectly encapsulated all of Markiplier’s preferences, but the fighting-type Pokémon Mienshao came closest to answering. to all requirements.

After coming to this conclusion, MatPat states that some of the new Pokemon included in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet might correspond a bit more to Markiplier. It’s true that the next generation of Pokemon is on the way, which will no doubt lead to follow-up Smash or Pass videos. Game theory itself might even jump on the trend when the time comes.

It’s fair to wonder if videos like Markiplier’s are weird or inappropriate. After all, Pokémon are shown to be much closer to animals than humans or some other intelligent species. However, as game theory briefly discusses in this video, the Pokemon The world is strange, complex and, above all, fictional, which means that this tendency will most likely be considered raunchy and ironic humor.

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Source: Game Theorists/YouTube

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