Gabbie Hanna’s life as a YouTube star, from dominating algorithms to dodging drama

Gabbie Hanna started out as a Vine star and is now a successful YouTuber with a singing career – but it hasn’t come without its hurdles.

Before TikTok, Vine was the main platform for short videos. In other words, Vine walked so TikTok could run.

The platform launched in 2013 and teenagers flocked to create their six-second comedy clips, with the most successful users becoming Viners. People like Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, and King Bach started their careers on the app, and after it shut down, they expanded their careers to movies and other platforms.

Hanna was one of many people who managed to transfer her millions of subscribers to YouTube, though her fame has come under intense scrutiny.

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She had over 4 million followers on Vine

Known as The Gabbie Show, Hanna entertained fans with her comic sketches this usually involved her playing two characters, though viewers fell in love with her as she wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

Her Vine biography read, “I’m pretty funny for a girl.”

She has also collaborated with other famous winemakers, such as Koshy.

The app shut down in 2016, but its popularity continued as it was nominated for Choice Viner at the Teen Choice Awards.

From Vine to YouTube and a singing career

Her YouTube channel launched in 2014, but the 31-year-old only focused on the platform after Vine. At the height of her online career, she was nominated for YouTuber of the Year at the 2018 Shorty Awards, but over the past 12 months the creator has deleted a handful of videos and her follower count has dwindled.

At the time of this writing, she has 5.29 million subscribers, but during a 2021 Buzzfeed interviewit was at 5.7 million.

That’s likely because she’s prioritized a music career, having released two EPs and several out of five non-album singles. His most popular track is Honestly, which hit number 10 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart.

Her debut album, Trauma Queen, is out July 22, 2022.

She has been involved in several online feuds

Jesse smiles

Hanna was friends with Smiles — real name Jessi Vasquez — until the latter accused then-boyfriend Curtis Lepore of sexual assault, writing Distract. Lepore pleaded not guilty and was released on $100,000 bail, then entered a plea deal in the case which saw the rape charges against him dropped and he pleaded guilty to felony assault. The following year (2015), the felony assault charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

In the midst of the case, Hanna reportedly continued her friendship with Lepore, straining her friendship with Vasquez. Fast forward to 2020, the situation resurfaced after a Twitter user said they were “still bothered” that Hanna sided with Lepore.

The two creators made a video to explain their version of the story, although Hanna’s was made private. Dexerto reports that the singer wanted to part ways with the situation once and for all, though she will always “stick up for herself.”

Trisha Paytas

Paytas and Hanna have been going strong since 2019, after the latter told Paytas’ then-boyfriend Jason Nash that she had an STD. Paytas denied the rumor and according to Initiatedconsidered taking a restraining order against him.

Hanna, however, defended her actions, saying she was just trying to take care of a friend.

Initiated cited the deleted tweet: “It was none of my business whether Trisha had herpes, I have no reason for her to tell me. It was my business to warn a friend that he might be in danger. Know what I mean? Asking him would just be gossip. To tell him to be safe and to find out is to take care of his health.

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She accidentally used a photo of a murdered teenager in her video

In 2020, fans criticized the singer for being insensitive after using a Vox article featuring a photo of Bianca Devins in her video, titled Turning Myself into an E-Girl.

Devins, an Instagram influencer, was tragically murdered and Hanna was criticized for not giving the story context. The article mentioned the death, but the Vine star admitted she was unaware of the incident. An apology was offered in a video titled For Bianca, although it is now private.

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