FNAF: Toy Chica Committed the ’87 Bite (Theory)

One of the greatest mysteries in the history of the Five nights at Freddy’s series is the bite of ’87, but the culprit might just be Toy Chica. Scott Cawthon has been tight-lipped about the incident since the show began, and fans have been speculating about it for just as long. The animatronics who actually did it may never be known, but some are stronger candidates than others.

The Bite of ’87 is only mentioned once, during a phone call from the “Phone Guy” in the original Five nights at Freddy’s Game. He states that this incident is the reason why the animatronics no longer walk freely during the day, and that the victim survived the incident, but with severe damage and/or destruction to his frontal lobe. Details about it are scarce and it remained a mystery for the duration of the FNAF the existence of the series. FNAF theories like Security BreachThere’s no shortage of Monty killing Bonnie, and every fan has their own opinion on who did the biting. A similar incident, the bite of ’83, was shown in FNAF 4but there were no references to ’87 outside of the first game.


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Toy Chica is a possibility for the culprit of the ’87 bite. Due to the shape of his mouth and the fact that it is removable, the incident may have happened before. FNAF 2 took place. Other animatronics are less likely, the Withereds in particular, so there’s a small pool of candidates. The series’ in-game history is long and winding, and since it’s never explicitly stated that the bite happened before or after FNAF 2it’s entirely possible this already happened by the time Jeremy Fitzgerald started working at Freddy Fazbear. FNAF is a popular horror franchise for reasons that include its complicated lore.

Toy Chica could have committed the bite of 87

FNAF 2 Toy Animatronics on Stage

One of the main arguments for Toy Chica being responsible for 87’s bite is the shape of its mouth and beak. It is famous for removing its beak and eyes at the start of each night, but this raises the question of why it was designed to be removed. None of the other animatronics have this feature, after all. If you look closely at the shape of its beak, you will see that it seems rather rigid and immobile, and that it may not be able to open its mouth very widely. It’s almost as if the beak was designed to act like a muzzle, to keep Toy Chica from biting again. The reason it may be removed at all could be that internal mechanisms such as voicemail still need to be accessible.

During the dismantling of Chica in FNAF: security breach, his mouth is destroyed, showing that the voice box was at some point located in this area. The fact that Classic Chica’s mouth has a fixed upper beak and the lower beak is made with a rotating cylinder which apparently wouldn’t be able to generate much force, and that every Chica made after that seems to be designed the same way to have little or no movement and gripping power in their beaks, supports this idea. Withered Chica’s jaw may be broken, but her mouth is also large and shares the same design as the rest of the animatronics, which is further evidence.

Another proof is that Toy Chica is a “party” animatronic. Its bib says “Let’s Party”, and due to this iteration’s redesign to seemingly be more fun and playful, it stands to reason that it was released for birthday parties and special celebrations. Chica’s pizza obsession at FNAF: security breachthe classic version’s bib reading “Let’s Eat”, and Chica’s general reputation around pizza and food all indicate that she chews and bites often, possibly while eating a slice of pizza so as not to upset a child offering it to him, which may in fact be what caused the bite. Such events have a lot of people to act as potential victims, and a lot of chaos that could overwork his AI, causing him to malfunction and shut his mouth at the wrong time. During Night Six’s phone call, Phone Guy states that there will be a birthday party the next day and warns Jeremy to stop the animatronics from hurting anyone. It’s possible that by “animatronics” he specifically meant Toy Chica, and the warning could be from a similar previous incident.

What about other animatronics in FNAF?

FNAF Bite 83 Minigame

Of course, Toy Chica is just one of many animatronics, and there are other candidates. All FNAF the game has its own scares and animatronics. There are many in FNAF 2, but only five were in service during the events of the game and in the run-up to it. Only Toy Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy aka “The Mangle”, the Puppet and Balloon Boy can do this. The Mangle is a popular contender in fan theories, but remember the Bite of ’83. Fredbear’s jaws crushed the crying child’s head, resulting in his death, and the fact that the 1987 bite victim lived through the incident, apparently with damage only to the frontal lobe, indicates the animatronics that committed the 1987 bite. having a smaller mouth, which the Toy Animatronics have. Aside, that is, from Mangle, whose mouth is comparable in size to Foxy’s.

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The scariest characters FNAF cause nightmares, but some are more likely to get the 1987 bite than others. The bite of ’83 also means owners of FNAF 2Freddy Fazbear’s location might have been hesitant to let Toy Freddy get close enough to anyone to bite him, making him less susceptible than others. Balloon Boy is far too short to do that, and both he and the puppet fill roles that allow for very brief interactions with customers. Bonnie is a less popular animatronic than most, often shunned, and while another possible candidate, there’s less evidence in her favor than there is in Toy Chica.

Is it possible the bite of ’87 happened before FNAF 2?

FNAF Next Game Horror Kids

Of course, it all depends on the bite of ’87 that takes place before FNAF 2, which is not guaranteed. There is evidence that it happens afterwards, but nothing is concrete. FNAF has a lot of locked doors hiding clues in its lore (metaphorically speaking), and a lot of things are still unknown. Animatronics are not allowed to wander during the day in the original FNAF, which the Phone Guy explicitly states is due to the bite of ’87. This decision could have been made after Freddy Fazbear’s second location was closed, especially given the franchise’s notorious disregard for security measures, as well as the fact that serial killer William Afton was in charge of security at the location. ‘era. Night Six’s phone call references his discovery killing children at some point during the events of the game, so the company might have rewritten its policies after this incident.

It’s also strange that the second Freddy Fazbear remained open after another biting incident when Fredbear’s Family Diner closed after 1983. The victim of 1987 survived, however, unlike the crying child. Explaining everything FNAFThe end of is enough to cause a headache, but that’s well known. It’s possible the company was embroiled in litigation at the time, which would have been resolved when Afton was discovered killing more children in FNAF 2. The 1983 bite was also due to human error, while there is no evidence that the 1987 bite was anything other than an accident. Freddy Fazbear’s lack of safety protocols means modifying Toy Chica’s head was probably the bare minimum he could do to prevent further incidents and show some semblance of precaution while a lawsuit was underway, which is fitting. to the company given its history.

The restaurant may still be operational and receiving customers because FNAF 2 takes place late in the year, and if the bite of 87 was early in the year, there would have been plenty of time for the scandal to die down. FNAF 2 isn’t the lowest-rated game in the series, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, and the fact that it’s the one that followed the original means Scott Cawthon may have had a culprit in mind for 87’s bite when he did, if he hasn’t already. In the game it is stated that the company also spent “a small fortuneon the animatronics, which means he could have had deeper pockets than Fredbear’s Diner, and why he kept Toy Chica and the rest operational after the bite. The whole theory may be long, but the fact that ‘it’s so convoluted means it blends in perfectly with the existing Five nights at Freddy’s traditions.

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