Flat tech job growth in April, new layer of ‘complexity of hiring’

May 12, 2022

The number of IT jobs in the United States was effectively unchanged in April from March, but tech employment remains strong, according to the TechServe Alliance, a national trade association for the staffing and IT solutions industry. ‘engineering. Year over year, the number of jobs increased by 0.9%, or 49,400 jobs.

IT jobs totaled about 5.4 million in April.

“With the onset of the pandemic, remote work and the demand for digital transformation across all sectors have intensified the competition for talent, to be followed by the movement of workers in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation, adding a new layer of hiring complexity,” TechServe CEO Mark Roberts said. “Throughout these changes, tech employment has remained strong as hiring managers continue to face challenges filling skilled tech roles.

“Despite entering a period of economic uncertainty, we expect this high level of demand for IT professionals to continue as supply remains insufficient to meet business needs; hiring organizations will need to focus on strategies that uncover talent through new sources while emphasizing their brand value to retain their skilled workforce,” Roberts said.

Separately, the report found that the number of engineering jobs edged up 0.38% in April from March to a total of 2.69 billion. Engineering jobs rose 3.87% year over year in April, an increase of 100,400 engineering workers.

Sharon D. Cole