Flaky internet-fueled theory fuels unseemly disruption at school board meeting | Local News

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In a nutshell, an aggrieved fringe seizes on an unenforceable legal strategy to file “claims” against a school board over the COVID masking policy, transgender rights, or any other bogus affront.

The theory, straight out of the Rudy Giuliani School of Law, posits that since a district broke a law, officials would owe parents bonds as compensation.

It doesn’t matter that the complaints are thrown out in a hot second as frivolous, without standing or requiring no formal response.

It’s a bit like sovereign nation radicals who cite maritime law as a reason for not having a driver’s license or filing tax returns.

The Internet has struck again.

In ancient times, presumed adults could dissent without being disagreeable and debate differences without being difficult.

If it’s a consensus or an intermediate compromise, do you remember? — could not be reached, so get organized and voice your displeasure at the polls.

Now, if Tuesday night’s meeting is any indication, the modern playbook has been changed to include incivility, rudeness and basic tantrums.

Exhibits A, B and C bolstering the circumstantial case that this was a copycat bond claim would be the ‘man’ being escorted by security out of the building for throwing a tantrum when he was not was not allowed to present “papers” to school officials.

Sharon D. Cole