Five years old is too young for radical gender theory

The sydney relative of a 5 year old attending Roseville Kids Care complaining about her child being indoctrinated with radical LGBTQ+ gender theory has done Australian parents a big disservice.

After being interviewed by the The telegraph of the day the parent complained: ‘There was a giant oversized pride flag, it was the biggest flag in the room, way bigger than the Australian flag.’ And, “When I walked in, there was an entire wall depicting different sexualities giving definitions of things like pansexual and lesbian.”

Parents have every reason to be fearful and anxious. Proven by the National Quality Framework Approved Apprenticeship Working Document kindergartens are the latest ground in the long march of the cultural left pushing the radical ideology of gender and sexuality.

This can be seen in the documentation.

Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
Children have multiple and changing identities. There is pressure to reinforce the identity of children and young people as Australian citizens in connection with the identity of others. Aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy) and family diversity are also essential.

Nursery schools and kindergartens across Australia must comply with the discussion paper and there is no doubt that, compared to previous guidance, the proposed new framework represents a step change.

Gone are the days when preschools and kindergartens focused on finger painting, learning socialization, physical play, and learning the alphabet and rudimentary numbers. Instead, preschools and kindergartens are told that “children have multiple and changing identities”.

Similar to the Marxist-inspired Safe Schools gender fluidity program, the working paper states that “aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and expression (with a non- binary) and family diversity are also essential”.

At a time when most preschoolers want to enjoy childhood and lack the ability to conceptualize and understand complex ideas, gender activists want to weaponize the early years of childhood to indoctrinate minds sensitive to adult concepts that require sexual knowledge.

Ignored is the science proving that the overwhelming majority of babies are born as girls and boys with the XX and XY chromosomes respectively. Also ignored, according to Identity Matters: Gender Identity in Australia published by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library, heterosexuality is the norm with only 4% of the population over the age of 15 identifying as non-binary.

Proved by the logic behind the Safe Schools gender fluidity scheme, funded by the Labor and Liberal governments, parents need to realize that the campaign to undermine human biology and radically change the way society views gender family, gender and sexuality is of Marxist origin.

One of the founders of the Safe Schools program, Roz districtadmits that the school curriculum has nothing to do with stopping bullying, but rather, “Marxism offers both the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinary, new and amazing ways”. .’

As the Italian philosopher and cultural critic Augusto Del Noce argues, the origins of radical gender theory can be traced to the Marxist scholar Wilhelm Reich whose book The sexual revolution was published in 1936. Reich argues that traditional sexual morality is used to enforce capitalist control and domination.

To realize the socialist utopia, Reich argues that people must be sexually liberated and empowered to express themselves without what he describes as “repressive morality.” Concepts like the nuclear family and human biology are condemned as oppressive, restrictive and binary in nature.

During the cultural revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Reich’s book was rediscovered, leading to a sexual revolution embodied in the slogan “Make Love, Not War”, the birth control pill , free love and the emergence of homosexuality. pride movement.

Parents also need to realize that the campaign to impose this radical gender ideology is now infecting primary and secondary schools from prep to grade 12. In English classes, students learn that traditional fairy tales like Cinderella and plays like Romeo and Juliet are guilty of heteronormativity. and cis-genderism.

The Australian Education Union has argued for over 30 years that “homosexuality and bisexuality must be normalised”, that it is wrong to assume that being male or female is “natural” or “normal” and that the curriculum must adopt a “non-heterosexist language”.

While unfair discrimination is wrong and everyone, regardless of their sexuality and gender, should be treated without prejudice, parents face a doctrinaire campaign from the cultural left to condition children to accept its radical ideology.

While education was once based on the principle that the curriculum should be balanced and unbiased and that teachers should refrain from proselytizing, preschools and schools have become one of the front lines of the culture wars.

As a result, instead of parents being the primary educators and moral guardians of their children, the cultural left is omnipresent. It’s time for Australian parents, as they do in US states like Florida and Virginia, to reaffirm their right to teach their children and for schools to focus on education, not indoctrination. Marxist inspiration.

Childhood should be a time of innocence and wonder, a time when children can enjoy being happy, playful and creative instead of being burdened by leftist cultural ideology torn apart by identity politics and victimization.

Dr Kevin Donnelly is Senior Researcher at ACU and author of the just released The Dictionary of Woke, available at

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Sharon D. Cole