Final Fantasy 16 seems to confirm Clive and Ifrit’s theory

It took a few years, but Final Fantasy 16 finally has its second trailer and a release window. While the game’s polishing phase is going to take a little longer than some fans hoped, it could still be released three years after it was announced, which is much sooner than some of Square Enix’s other recent projects. The fact that the game is already playable from start to finish is a good sign, and the remaining development year should give Creative Business Unit 3 plenty of time to make sure Final Fantasy 16 is fully realized at launch.


The second trailer hammers home many of the points made in the first. War rages in the medieval fantasy land of Valisthea, and whether it likes it or not, the Grand Duchy of Rosaria is drawn into the conflict. Players take control of Clive Rosfield, the Archduke’s eldest son and bodyguard to his younger brother, Joshua. Joshua is the future Archduke and Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, and there are many other Eikons who belong to Dominants of various stripes. Fans suspected that Clive and Joshua’s foster sister Jill would become Shiva’s Dominant after a time jump, but that doesn’t explain Clive’s Dominant-type powers. Assembly in a second FF16 The trailer gives a clue as to what might be happening: Clive may wake up as the Dominant of Ifrit at the start of the game, which only raises more questions.

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Fans have been guessing Clive’s ties to Ifrit for a while

This reveal didn’t come out of nowhere for many attentive fans. One of Final Fantasy 16The most prominent promotional images of show an adult Clive with Phoenix and Ifrit converging on him in a manner similar to the game’s logo. channeling Eikon’s magic, looked like a fiery spiked claw. Phoenix is ​​the Eikon representing the heat of fire and its invigorating properties, while Ifrit seems more in tune with a violent hell. Although both Eikons are seen in the reveal trailer in dark surroundings, Phoenix shines brighter and more colorfully than Ifrit, and her powers when used by Clive appear to summon one of her wings. Clive’s arm in this art is dark and gnarled in a way very similar to the more sinister Ifrit.

Considering Clive’s behavior after the time-skip, it makes sense that his vengeful personality would be paired with Ifrit’s Hellfire. However, the way the trailers have been shot so far involves Phoenix Dominant Joshua being killed in battle with a red-eyed Ifrit. There was no indication of Eikons breaking out of their Dominant’s control, though two inexperienced Dominants could conceivably be brought into a fight. It’s worth noting that the giant Eikon battle between Phoenix and Ifrit in the trailer shows the player controlling Phoenix, and therefore Joshua by proxy. Having the player fight their regular avatar as part of a tutorial would be new, but that’s probably not what’s happening here.

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The Many Mysterious Eikons of Final Fantasy 16

The narration and camera cuts used at the end of FF16 The second trailer is meant to mask an even weirder event in the story. At the end of the trailer, a shot of Clive cuts to a blue-eyed Ifrit charging forward and throwing a punch — at another Ifrit. The shock expressed by some characters in the first trailer that there are two Eikons of Fire now seems insignificant compared to the confusion over two of the same Eikon fighting each other. Never before in the Final Fantasy franchise have two identical summons in a cutscene to battle. The Aeons in Final Fantasy 10 are individually granted to each Summoner who finds them, so the multiple Summoner duels in this game are not without precedent.

All of this new information only goes to show how little fans know about Final Fantasy 16. From what can be gathered from the second trailer’s narration, there may be an alliance of Dominants seeking power in Valisthea, and current Dark Dominant Eikon Ifrit may have been framed for murder the current and future archdukes and to destabilize Rosaria. That person may succeed, but is sidetracked by Clive’s surprise awakening as another Ifrit Dominant, who is somehow able to retain the blessing the Phoenix Dominant offers him. It’s still unclear how Clive is able to channel multiple Eikon powers at once, but it will certainly help him in his quest to exact revenge on this mysterious attacker.

Thus, the double meaning behind the logo and the aged rendering of Clive becomes clear. The first clash between Phoenix and Ifrit will have ramifications that will ripple through the rest of Final Fantasy 16. However, Phoenix and Ifrit also form the core of Clive’s abilities and are likely his first two Eikons. Phoenix has been with him since the prologue via Joshua’s blessing, allowing him to teleport, use fire magic, and employ various special techniques. Clive apparently awakens as Ifrit’s Dominant shortly before the timeskip, and while an Ifrit moveset is never seen, it’s the only other player-controlled Eikon that fights beasts. invoked. Clive can be reluctant to summon Ifrit outside of emergencies due to both the political quagmire surrounding Dominants and his own grudge against the beast.

It seems the fans who linked Clive and Ifrit were both right and wrong in the end. This raises many questions about how summoning magic actually works in Final Fantasy 16, as Clive using Ifrit against Ifrit after the fall of Phoenix breaks the alleged laws of the setting. With the Blight in the background and a world war in the foreground, Final Fantasy 16 looks like the most complex main line Final Fantasy in a moment. At the same time, Clive is likely still struggling with regret that he couldn’t stop the tragedy at home and becoming what he hates. It will be a pleasure to know more about Final Fantasy 16the mysteries once it gets closer to its release.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released in summer 2023 on PS5.

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Sharon D. Cole