Fan Theory Suggests Jang Uk Teams Up With Jin Mu To Keep His Enemy Close

The K-drama Netflix and tvN, alchemy of souls, will premiere its second season in December 2022. Fans are theorizing about possible storylines in just a few months, snapping photos, and more. The big question is where Jang Uk is heading next in alchemy of souls Season 2 after the big cliffhanger that changed its destiny. Two K-drama fans have developed a tantalizing theory between Jang Uk and Jin Mu and their possible alliance.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Alchemy of Souls.]

Characters Jin Mu and Jang Uk in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ | via tvN

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 teasers show darker aura for Jang Uk

Jang Uk is undoubtedly one of the most complex stories in K-drama, alongside Mu-deok/Nak-su. The crux of his story is his father sealing his door of power to stop his future fate tied to the King’s Star. As the drama progresses, his inherent mage powers shine through as he is taught by the infamous assassin mage, Nak-su, in Mu-deok’s body. Jang Uk masters levels of mage magic no one has ever done before in a short time.

Behind Jang Uk’s story lies a treacherous conspiracy in Daeho. Fans come to despise the evil working on Jin Mu, as he helps another main character use the alchemy of souls created by the ice stone to gain ultimate power. By the K-drama’s latest episode, Jin Mu has wreaked havoc and learns Mu-deok’s true identity. He uses his Power Gate to drive Nak-su/Mu-deok wild and kill the main characters before she petrifies. Either way, he is never punished for his crimes.

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The biggest event in the finale is when Nak-su/Mu-deok unwillingly kills his true love Jang Uk. But as his fate decided, his story is far from over. Upon cremation of his body, the combination of the King’s Star and possession of the Ice Stone resurrects him.

Jang Uk seems to take on a new aura in the official teaser of alchemy of souls Season 2. Contrary to his bright and cheerful demeanor, Jang UK appears guarded and heartbroken and wears darker colors. While knowing that Jin Mu is evil, he is unaware of his actual involvement in Mu-deok/Nak-su’s disappearance.

K-drama Fans Theorize Jang Uk Joins Cheonbugwan In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2

Theories keep pouring in for the upcoming new season. Some theories are hard to ignore because they are so convincing. A set photo has circulated online of the male mage characters, including the actors playing Jang Uk and Jin Mu. This led a fan on Twitter Tweeter“uk is not going to decide to ‘work’ for jin mu to destroy him from within.”

The theory led fellow fan @jangukmypupil to dive deep into the K-drama and prove the possibility that Jang Uk could partner with Jin Mu. the fan tweeted“I believe this is another foreshadowing, just like when Jang Uk won the duel between him and CP and Shaman Choi ordered Jinmu to take him to cheonbugwan, but Jang Uk chose Songrim instead. Can Maybe this time he will pretend to work on Jin Mu to find out the truth and destroy him.

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The fan is referring to the scene in Episode 7 when Jang Uk fights the Crown Prince. He shocks everyone by performing Tansu, though he doesn’t master the other levels. In alchemy of souls Season 2, Jang Uk knows about Jin Mu’s evil mastery. But Jin Mu ignores everything Jang Uk knows. The second season has to answer for Jang Uk hiding Nak-su.

“Since JU has committed a grave sin for hiding a soul shapeshifter, he may not be accepted to Songrim anymore, and that is where JinMu offers to accept him to Cheonbugwan to work with him. at JU he knows something is wrong with MD during this time so he will find out by keeping his enemy close,” the fan said.

The new season has more details to answer

Jang Uk’s continuing story isn’t the only mystery alchemy of souls Season 2 must respond. The finale also has a cliffhanger for Mu-deok and Nak-su. The official teaser showed the return of Go Yoon-jung as Nak-su, but with the absence of Jung So-min as Mu-deok.

In the finale, Mu-deok’s body petrifies but is seen being rescued from the lake. Fan theories suggest how the second season may approach the storyline. But fans also want answers to the plot of Mu-deoks’ story and her priestess powers.

Fans will have to wait longer for the full trailers to reveal more about the season. Alchemy souls Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on December 10.

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