Episode 3 reveals the complexity of Akari’s personality

The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers, “Broken Up, and Not Rekindled,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Only three episodes in, More than a married couple, but not in love turns out to be a romantic comedy full of substance and potential. Many anime series that play heavily into rom-com tropes tend to be tedious for fans, but the pace of fall 2022 More than a married couple sets the series up for a big performance, as the characters are not only likable, but also complex.

Although Akari and Jiro are opposites, their school’s couple training program pairs them up and requires them to act like a perfect married couple in order to get a good score and graduate. Akari’s gyaru attitude doesn’t mesh well with Jiro’s introverted nature, but because they both love someone else, they work together to score high enough to switch partners. However, as Jiro continues to demonstrate his caring personality time and time again, a troubled Akari shows that his confident gyaru attitude is just a facade.

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Akari confidently struggles and tries to seduce Jiro

As Akari struggles to create the perfect bento for Tenjin, a visit from Shiori reveals to Akari that she may not know as much about her crush as she thinks. Disheartened and self-doubtful, Akari tempts Jiro, even going so far as to climb on top of him. Jiro refuses and states that a physical relationship like this should be reserved for those who love each other. Although she tries not to show it, Akari is even more discouraged and suggests that they stop acting like a married couple. The distance between the two grows and their score drops.

Although Jiro obviously made the right decision, Akari’s attempt to seduce him and the resulting disappointment gives viewers a glimpse into his complex psyche. Akari seems to exude confidence through her style and attitude, but the fact that she is easily angered and discouraged proves that she is actually insecure. The complexity of her personality goes beyond the standard tsundere trope, as she doesn’t just flip from cold to hot for comedic or romantic effect.

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Akari needs someone to reassure her of her worth, which is evident in the way she pursues Tenjin. However, the instances in which Jiro expresses tenderness or caring are particularly surprising to Akari, who does not strive to get these reactions from Jiro but gets them anyway. Akari’s relationship with Jiro will likely help Akari fully recognize her worth and have true confidence in who she is.

Akari acknowledges her feelings for Jiro

After struggling over the distance between them, Jiro confronts Akari and apologizes for not explaining his rejection of her advances. Telling her that he wants to show her the care she deserves, Jiro asks if they can be a married couple again.

Akari makes light of the situation and shyly tells him that she loves him very much, pretending to ask him for a kiss only to jokingly deny it. The two are reconciled, but Akari’s afterthought suggests she wasn’t kidding after all.

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After Jiro leaves, Akari stands on her balcony blushing at her “fake” confession to Jiro. As she replays the conversation in her head, she wonders that she actually said those words. This final scene indicates that Akari may have realized within herself that she has feelings for Jiro.

Although the start of Episode 4 indicates that Akari hasn’t completely moved on from Tenjin yet, she’s obviously also mellowed in Jiro, falling for the tenderness and suave moves that tend to come out from behind. his shy personality. However, Akari will have to overcome the identity she has built to hide her own lack of confidence in order to fully consider her feelings for Jiro.

Akari’s blushing in the early episodes may hint at her developing feelings for Jiro, but Episode 4 confirms that she is fully aware that she truly loves him. Although she only comes up with her confession to Jiro as a joke, fans can get excited for Akari to become even more confident in her feelings as a More than a married couple keep on going.

Sharon D. Cole