Elden Ring fan theory proposes the lands between Ireland

Rather than explaining the story of the world they are in directly to the player through long exposition, FromSoftware’s “Soulsborne” games often provide plot-relevant information through indirect sources such as item descriptions and non-player character dialogue. While this method generally provides the player with enough facts to glean a general understanding of the game’s world and story, it also leaves a lot open to speculation, and many players have come up with theories to fill in the gaps with their interpretations of the things the games leave behind. not said.

Whereas Ring of Elden is more open about its setting than previous FromSoftware games, which hasn’t stopped fans of the critically acclaimed action role-playing game from creating theories in an attempt to explain The Lands Between’s many mysteries. A particularly ambitious theory currently gaining popularity on Reddit claims that Ring of EldenThe high-fantasy setting of is a post-apocalyptic version of modern Ireland. This theory uses evidence from many areas of the game to explain how the Emerald Isle became The Lands Between.

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Created by Reddit user u/Doop_444theory proposes that The Lands Between is Ireland and that the events of Ring of EldenThe story takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth. In the game it is established that the Great Will used a “golden star” to deliver the Elden Ring to The Lands Between, but the Ireland theory casts this seemingly benign act of divine intervention in a darker light. . Using the similarities between the topographies of Ireland and The Lands Between as evidence, the theory holds that the ‘Golden Star’ was a meteor that crashed into modern-day Ireland, triggering a cataclysmic impact event. which devastated both the British Isles and the rest of the planet.

Following this world-altering event, modern civilization reverted to a medieval state within a few millennia, which the theory positions as the reason why the topography of The Lands Between shares some similarities with that of Ireland. , although it is radically different. overall different. During this time, the inhabitants of what was once Ireland and Britain have evolved into the various humanoid races that inhabit The Lands Between. The theory appeals to real-world evidence to claim that the English inhabiting Northern Ireland could have transformed into the giants who once lived on the tops of the giants.

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To hammer home the theory that The Lands Between is a post-apocalyptic Ireland, u/Doop_444 points to several pieces of evidence found in-game. Although covered in rust, many of the “oldest” weapons available in Ring of Elden appear to be more advanced than more “contemporary” ones, implying that whatever civilization preceded Marika the Eternal’s kingdom was technologically superior. On top of that, unrecognizable ruins dot every corner of The Lands Between, even in areas that are said to be older than recorded history, like the Rot Lake. Additionally, many areas and characters in Ring of Elden have names taken from the Gaelic language, deepening The Land Between’s connection to Ireland.

Although Ireland’s theory was posted just over a week ago, comments from other Redditors seem to show that it is already gaining popularity among Ring of Elden Fans. Many comments complimented him, praising both the scale of his ambition and his extreme attention to detail. While many comments are just compliments or assertions of belief in the theory, others have actively contributed to it by pointing to other pieces of evidence that support it, such as the seemingly advanced technology the dragons appear to have used.

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However, reception of the Irish theory has not always been positive. While many praised the theory as potential canon, others criticized it as simply being too far-fetched. In some comments, Redditors go into even more detail, criticizing inconsistencies in the theory. These range from arguments that the location of the asteroid impact does not match the theory’s assertion that it occurred in Northern Ireland to observations that weapons and Advent ruins bear no similarity to anything found in modern or ancient Ireland.

Whether or not the u/Doop-444 theory is true, it’s hard to deny that Irish history and mythology didn’t inspire The Lands Between in some way. From Gaelic word usage to similarities between Ring of Eldendysfunctional family of demigods and the ancient gods of Irish folklore, it is clear that Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin were inspired by the classic myths of Ireland when making Ring of Eldenthe history and the world of. If Ireland’s theory is true, then it adds another level of tragedy and complexity to the world of Ring of Elden.

Sharon D. Cole