Dream Of A Thousand Cats Is About The Last Human Dream Vortex

The first part of episode 11 of The sand man, a two-part bonus episode titled “Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope”, tells the story of a Siamese cat who thinks she has discovered the key to the power of dreams, but a theory suggests that she is discovering an ancient dream vortex. Both stories were added to the Netflix series a few weeks after the series’ initial release and differ from the rest of the series in that they do not revolve around Morpheus himself, but instead expand on the world impacted by The Dreaming. . “Dream of a Thousand Cats” is even more unique due to its dreamlike animation format, which sets the mysterious tone of the story.


The sand man follows the saga of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, as he seeks to put his kingdom back in order after a century of captivity, during which his helm, sand and ruby ​​were stolen and his dream creations all fell apart. escapes into the waking world. As he attempts to rebuild the order of his kingdom, he is also confronted with the news that a phenomenon known as a “dream vortex” with the power to destroy the world has begun to manifest. The second half of the series follows Morpheus as he prepares to face this threat.

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As Master of Dreams, Morpheus is responsible for managing the Dream Vortex. He repeatedly admits to being unaware of any purpose or cause behind the concept of a dream vortex, simply saying that they are natural phenomena. Although Rose Walker’s identity as the Dream Vortex has been slightly manipulated, Dream’s statement appears to be true given the lack of solid information available on the subject. The information that does exist, however, seems to relate to details revealed in the dream sequence in “Dream of a Thousand Cats”. It’s possible the episode is actually about the last human dream vortex before Rose.

Cats Ruled the World Until Humans Changed That

The story of the Siamese cat in the bonus episode reveals a secret history of the world, when it was ruled by giant cats. According to the tale Dream told to the Siamese cat she passes on to others, this era was disrupted when a single human began preaching to others about the power of dreams. After word spread, more and more humans began to dream of a world in which they would be at the top of the food chain. Once enough humans dreamed the same dream, the waking world changed to reflect The Dreaming’s exploitation, and the cats became smaller and easily domesticated. Dream tells the Siamese that the world has not changed, but because of the power of the humans’ collective dream, that version of reality has been destroyed and the world has always been as it is now.

Dream vortices generally appear to be creatures, not humans

When news of the dream vortex reaches Morpheus, he is already aware of Rose Walker’s existence. When Lucienne tells Morpheus that he will have to destroy him, he responds with “The vortex is a she, not a that.” Dream’s comment obviously seems to slightly surprise Lucienne, although the presence of the vortex itself doesn’t seem to shock her, indicating that a vortex is perhaps more often something non-human, like an animal. Although they no longer have any discussion of the normal manifestation of a vortex, the interactions between The sand manCharacters who know about dream vortexes continue to indicate that they are not always expected to be human: when Desire discusses the implications of the vortex with Despair, they specifically mention that the vortex is a “woman who will be the loss of Dreama description that ignites Despair’s confidence in the plot.

Although Desire has a history of interfering in Dream’s romantic relationships, it’s not part of their plan this time around. As the details of the Dream Vortex are uncovered, it immediately becomes clear that Dream’s only course of action will be to kill the vortex. From the way Lucienne and Dream discuss the vortex, it looks like Morpheus must have killed vortexes before, but something is different about Rose. Of course, at the end of the series, it’s revealed that Rose Walker’s role as the Vortex was manipulated in terms of lineage and timing, but the fact that the Vortex manifested in a human remains the big point. .

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Rose Walker is the first human vortex in ages

According to Morpheus, Rose Walker is the first vortex of the era. He later explains the phenomenon of a dream vortex to Rose as follows: “Every few thousand years, a mortal is born with a dream ability so powerful that it is able to enter the dreams of others.It specifically says “deadly,” and if it weren’t for the previously mentioned conversations, it would probably be interpreted as “human.” However, given all of the characters’ reactions to the vortex being a human girl, it seems that “deadly” simply refers to a creature of the earth.No information is given about the previous dream vortex, either in the Netflix adaptation or in The sand man comics, but it’s reasonable to guess that the last vortex wasn’t a human, given the bonus episode’s focus on cats’ ability to dream complex dreams.

Theory: The dream vortex that also destroyed the cats was human

Assuming there was a series of non-human vortices before Rose, the last human vortex would have occurred very early in human history, which matches the prehistoric look of the world in the story told to the Siamese Cat . The cat interprets the story of Morpheus as proof that dreams can change the world. However, it’s also possible that one of the thousand humans who dreamed of this new world was a vortex whose powers had been allowed to manifest enough to combine the dreams of others. Morpheus warns Rose about the ability of a vortex to break down the walls between dreams, ultimately combining the consciousness of the world and destabilizing the reality of the waking world, which is exactly what happened to the world dominated by cats in the world. ‘history of The sand manthe bonus episode. After Rose creates her first collective dream with her roommates, Morpheus tells her that the damage she created was nothing he couldn’t fix, “at least at this stage“, which implies that he is aware that at some point, right after this collective dream, the damage will be too great for him to repair.

Although there is no confirmation whether Dream of a thousand cats Whether it’s a dream vortex or not, the theory ties the otherwise self-contained episode to the story. Maybe if The sand man returns for a second season, there could be more exploration on the topic of dream vortices. Or maybe the concept was meant to be as mysterious as the dreams themselves.

Sharon D. Cole