Doctor Strange 2 Theory explains credits posted by Baron Mordo in 2016 film

As Phase 4 continues through 2022, Doctor Strange 2 is one of the most significant additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After starring as the master magician in 2016’s solo feature Doctor Strange, the hero went on to play supporting roles in four additional live-action films until his solo sequel, Doctor Strange in the Dark. Multiverse of Madness, out this year on May 6th.

Doctor Strange 2

Along with Benedict Cumberbatch, there was only one version of Baron Mordo in the film, although it wasn’t from the first Doctor Strange film. It was the Illuminati variant of the wizard. Mordo, the long-haired Sorcerer Supreme of his reality, never turned his back on order like his main counterpart did. However, both MCU incarnations of the character have one thing in common: they despise Doctor Strange. Additionally, there is a major unresolved storyline from the film’s second post-credits scene that, if explored, could have huge repercussions.

Baron Mordo’s Post Credits Explained

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Karl Mordo located Benjamin Bratt’s Jonathan Pangborn and removed his strength from his body in the second post-credits scene of Doctor Strange in 2016. Mordo told Pangborn at the end of the scene that he was doing this because that the world had “too many wizards”. Mordo has made it clear that he is abandoning the wizards of Kamar-Taj in favor of his own ethically dubious goal of exterminating magicians around the world after leaving Doctor Strange and Wong on the streets of Hong Kong. However, there’s been no hint of where this cliffhanger moment will go in the future since that post-credits sequence in late 2016.

Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange 2
Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange 2

In Doctor Strange 2, after Doctor Strange’s death, Baron Mordo becomes the Sorcerer Supreme on Earth-838. Although he has enough power to be a council member of the Illuminati, he doesn’t have the level of magic that fans might expect, making it difficult to gauge his power. However, this Mordo is likely to have far more multiverse knowledge and mystical power than his 616 counterparts. In Marvel Comics, Mordo is one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful foes, and it looks like that tradition will carry on into the MCU multiverse.

Sharon D. Cole