Dermot Bannon responds and confirms the theory as RTE Room to Improve viewers are annoyed by the latest broadcast

Dermot Bannon confirmed to fans that Room to Improve was short this season due to the pandemic.

Many RTE viewers were unimpressed that Sunday night’s episode was a discussion of highlights rather than another house ready for renovation.

And that meant the series ended after just five episodes, with audiences clamoring for more from the hugely popular show.

One fan asked the host himself: “So we can only assume that Covid is to blame for this extremely short series… so can we expect a standout series next year?”

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And Dermot answered with a simple “yes,” which at least means fans can probably be excited for more runs of the show.

The architect also saw the funny side of many people tweeting about their disappointment with the finale.

One viewer said: “This is the biggest anti-climax since my honeymoon when I was also told there was #RoomToImprove.”

Another joked: “If you were affected by tonight’s non-issues #RoomToImprove please contact the @rte authority.”

Dermot clearly enjoyed the jokes, responding with laughing faces to many mild complaints.

Deirdre O’Shaugnessy also tweeted: “Are the #RoomToImprove people cheat us out of a real episode… a highlight show.. no thanks”

Dermot Bannon on Room to Improve Series 13

Speaking ahead of the episode, Dermot told the Irish Mirror: “It’s a look back over the past two years, but we’ve brought together people who have Room To Improve that has been a part of their lives.

“We take a look back and have a discussion about Room To Improve in a standard Gogglebox… but they are the ones grilling me and asking all the questions the audience has ever wanted to ask me, the hardest ones.

“I didn’t see it, but I just remember squirming around in the chair most of the day.

“Majella O’Donnell tried me really well most of the time. I don’t think that’s a rollback, I think it’s more called constructive criticism.

“These are the really tough questions that really everyone wanted to ask on Room To Improve and you know Majella O’Donnell, she has no filter. She didn’t (hold back).

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Sharon D. Cole