David Bowie’s son has a theory why Trump keeps playing his dad’s music

Director Duncan Jonesson of music icon david bowie and Angie Bowie, said he believed the former president donald trump plays his father’s music at campaign events to irritate him.

Jones indicated on Twitter last week that he was uncool with Trump, who announced he was running for president in 2024using his father’s music for his campaign, The British tabloid Metro reported Sunday.

Trump used Bowie’s song”Hero” as he went out of his 2024 campaign announcement at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Tuesday.

The use of song sets offquestions among Twitter users who wondered if the former president got the OK from Bowie’s estate ahead of the event.

Jones wrote on Wednesday that he was fairly certain Trump was using his father’s music at rallies to “roll it up”.

A Twitter user later pleaded with Jones to do something about Trump’s use of “Heroes” before Jones said the candidate had used Bowie’s music in the past.

“He used the same track 6 years ago. I was told there was not much we could do about it,” Jones wrote.

The use of “Heroes” comes after several artists – including Aerosmith’s steven tyler, Adele and Elton John — spoke out about the former president using their songs without their permission at events.

Jones’ comments came the same week the Isaac Hayes estate announced it was exploring legal options following the campaign’s use of Sam & Dave’s “Hold On I’m Coming,” a co-song -written by Hayes and David Porter, Reported complex.

Stopping a politician from using your music isn’t always an easy task, but we’re committed to making sure Donald Trump doesn’t continue to use ‘Hold on I’m Coming’ by Isaac Hayes [and] David Porter in other rallies and public appearances,” the domain wrote referring to the campaign’s use of the song on Tuesday.

Jones and the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for additional comment.


Sharon D. Cole