‘Dave’s Dave Burd, Jeff Schaffer and GaTa Show the “Complete Complexity of Life” in Comedy – Contenders TV

David co-creators Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer joined the actor and consultant GaTa onstage for a panel during Deadline’s Contenders TV event on Sunday at the Paramount Theater.

“The best shows are the ones that can cover the most ground in terms of what they can do,” Burd said. “Obviously we’re a comedy and we try to make people laugh first and foremost, but life isn’t always funny…I just wanted to show the full complexity of life as much as possible.”

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David Burd and Jeff Schaffer created this comedy series depicting a fictionalized version of Burd’s life. Lil Dicky (Burd) is an aspiring rapper from Philadelphia on a quest for fame with his hype man and best friend Davionte “GaTa” Ganter. Season 2 begins after Dave finds some success, but is unable to write due to a creative block.

“The first season was about building together,” GaTa said, “just watching and squirming and letting our dreams blossom and chasing them. In season 2, we got more emotional because when you chase your dreams and develop something with your friends, you become more passionate, so more feelings are involved.

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“This season was all about what happens when people achieve their dreams at different paces,” Schaffer said. “For Daves, Davionte and Dave Burd, reunited at the end, we had to go through some dark times to make it feel so special.”

“We call it David, but the show, with the last episode,” Burd said, “you think it’s going to be about my story, but it’s really GaTa’s episode. It’s true to life, obviously I’m a guy who chases his dreams and pursues certain things, but I’ve never done a single show without this guy. He’s one of my best friends and I wouldn’t be where I am without him.

Season 2 ended in August 2021 and the show was renewed for a third season.

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Sharon D. Cole