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Jenny (played by Sally Ann Matthews) has been playing her part as owner of Rovers Return on Coronation Street lately, as most coronavirus restrictions have now been lifted on service in pubs, and she was struck by her relationship with Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost). The beloved character has also helped his daughter-in-law, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), with her complicated love affairs but life seems pretty happy right now on the ITV soap opera. Unfortunately, according to a new theory from, that could all be reversed if Mr Midgeley, her estranged husband who has never appeared on the show, arrives to catch up with his daughter.

Mr Midgeley was the father of Jenny’s son, Tom, and when the youngster drowned in a freak accident, their marriage fell apart.

Following the death of her child, the Rovers owner returned to the streets after decades away from Weatherfield.

The iconic character has mentioned her ex-husband on several occasions and last year she found out he had remarried.

He had had another baby with his wife, and his daughter Daisy felt left out of the family, leading her to move in with her stepmother.

It was thought that Jenny was still in touch with her former lover as she was going to tell him to have a word with her daughter given his behavior when she arrived, but she would never expect him to show up in her pub.

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Speaking with and other media, the actress who plays Daisy, Charlotte, teased her father’s arrival.

Referring to her character’s past, the soap star explained, “It’s something they haven’t really addressed yet.

“I asked about it because his past is something that really interests me. I would like to know more.

“Because she’s such a contrasting character. I’d like to know why she operates the way she does.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if there had been some very shady business there. Or she had to do shady things to get out of bad situations.”

During her days before hitting the cobbles, Daisy could have been a pawn in her father’s games, being used to transport drugs around the world and many other criminal activities.

Jenny wouldn’t have known that about her husband because he could have used a cover story the whole time they were together.

Once she left the family home and returned to the cobbles, Mr. Midgeley would have had no need to conceal his true affairs.

Since Daisy was the sole heir to the throne, he could have involved her early in the system to make sure she knew what to do if he was ever eliminated.

His arrival could be business related and when Jenny sees him she might start to realize that he is not the man she married.

Mr. Midgeley might explain that he needs a place to hide because he’s gotten into some business beyond his head.

He would explain that he would need to live with his ex-wife and daughter to blend into civilian life because his enemies couldn’t find him that way.

Jenny would be furious with her ex-husband but he would threaten her, stating that he would blow her cover so the thugs chasing him would come after her.

Daisy would know that this is an extremely dangerous situation and she should return to her criminal ways to help her father.

Knowing he’s been the cause of so much pain in her past, could she convince Jenny that they should work together to silence him once and for all?

Charlotte also opened up about whether she’ll be on the show for the foreseeable future, explaining, “I felt like I settled in pretty quickly.

“Everyone is really welcoming. So I felt very settled very early on.

“As long as they do fun things with Daisy and the character and she serves a purpose, I’ll stay as long as they have me.”

It looks like Daisy will stay, but will she end up covering up a murder to get rid of her evil father?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

Sharon D. Cole