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Jenny (played by Sally Ann Matthews) has sat and watched her stepdaughter Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) cause plenty of mischief since she arrived on Coronation Street in 2020. This has included the young minx driving a wedge between her step- mother and her late husband, Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley), and also became involved in a pyramid scheme which saw her try to scam people out of their money. However, the Rovers Return owner might think enough is enough and want to put a stop to Daisy’s reckless behavior once and for all, but it could cost Nicky Wheatley (Kimberley Hart Simpson) in the soap opera’s upcoming scenes. ITV.

The drama begins in next week’s episodes as Daisy grows increasingly fed up with her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) spending so much time with Nicky.

Headmistress Orla Crawshaw (Carla Mendonça) suffering from personal problems, Daniel has agreed to take charge of the school trip to Edinburgh.

Having secured a job as a teaching assistant at the school, Nicky has agreed to help with the plans and wanting to get a glimpse of what they are doing, Daisy arrives to give them both a packed lunch.

Orla stops Jenny’s stepdaughter before she can join her boyfriend and she is shocked when the manager informs her that Nicky is his girlfriend.

As her paranoia takes over, the troublemaker tells her stepmother she’s going to find a new man for the former sex worker to keep her busy.

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This plan kicks in the same day Nicky officially starts her new job and Daisy suggests Daniel go for a drink after work.

Under the pretext of wanting to get to know Nicky a little better, the bartender actually wants it to be her romantic rival’s first date.

After making contact with her ex-boyfriend, Ashley Hardcastle (Lamin Touray), the rascal arranges for the footballer to make the former sex worker lose her footing.

However, it seems the pair already know each other as Ashley recognizes Nicky, who soon finds an excuse to leave.

When Daisy wants answers, Ashley tells her that he knew about her potential new love when she was a sex worker, information that Jenny’s stepdaughter had no idea.

Wanting to know why her boyfriend hid this from her, Daisy confronts Daniel and he is sure to find himself in a dilemma.

Also wanting answers from Nicky, the bartender also confronts her, but is stunned when the former sex worker explains that she has no romantic interest in Daniel.

Still dissatisfied with the situation, Daisy asks her boyfriend to avoid spending so much time with her love rival.

Daisy is furious again when she sees Nicky and Daniel having a drink together and it seems she wants revenge.

The next day, Orla calls Nicky into her office and demands to know more about the former sex worker’s past.

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Knowing she has to be honest, Nicky confirms that she has been in the sex industry for a while and sadly, Orla takes action after the confession.

With pictures and videos circulating from Nicky’s time as a sex worker, the principal suspends her from her new role at school.

Furious because he thinks he knows who is behind this cruel act, Daniel blames Daisy and assumes that she is responsible.

Visibly shaken, the bartender confides in her mother-in-law, Jenny, that she has nothing to do with the dissemination of the content of her romantic rival.

However, Jenny may know exactly what her daughter-in-law is talking about, as she could have been the one who leaked the footage.

For months, Jenny could have sat back and plotted her revenge on Daisy, whom she blames for causing the rift between her and Johnny.

With the passing of her late husband, the landlady could have been biding her time to strike at the right time and make her daughter-in-law feel the same pain as her.

Seeing an opportunity to drive a wedge between Daisy and Daniel, Jenny could have made the decision to use Nicky as collateral damage.

The pub owner will have to keep suspicion at bay if she did as she won’t want the troublemaker to find out it was her.

Secrets don’t stay hidden on the cobblestones for long, so how will Daisy react when she finds out her stepmother has set her up?

The actress who plays Daisy, Charlotte, spoke to and other outlets about what it’s like to work with the actress who plays Jenny, Sally.

When asked if she enjoyed working with her co-star, Charlotte explained, “Of course I do. She’s a queen.

“I think if I felt so comfortable on the street so early, maybe it was thanks to Sally. She was really welcoming.

“She really took me under her wing. Yeah, I think she’s a legend,” the soap opera star commented, so may she have more screen time with her in the not-too-distant future ?

And will Daisy be rewarded if she finds out that Jenny was the one who framed him?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

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