Computer Theory Claims Bill Denbrough Is Really Stephen King

There are many theories about Stephen King’s computer novel, and one of them suggests that the main character, Bill Denbrough, is King himself.

Stephen KingThe stories of are shrouded in theories about their true meaning, the origins or fates of certain characters, and even the inspirations behind them, and a particular THIS the theory claims that Bill Denbrough is actually Stephen King. The King of Horror has terrorized generations of viewers for decades with his novels and short stories, and one of his most popular and successful works is the novel THISpublished in 1986. THIS has received a lot of praise from critics and readers over the years, and naturally, it has also given way to a variety of theories.

THIS takes audiences to Derry, Maine to meet a group of kids nicknamed “The Losers Club”, who come across an evil, shapeshifting entity they call “IT”. This creature wakes up every 27 years to feed, and it does so to feed on the fears of its victims, for which it takes the form of its targets’ greatest fears, although its favorite is that of Pennywise, the Clown. dancing. THIS is split into two parts: the first is set in 1957, following the Losers as children, and the second is set in 1985, following the adult Losers as they come together one last time to defeat IL . Leading the group in both temporal settings is Bill Denbrough, who is the main character of the story.


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Bill Denbrough is the one who led the fight against IT as Pennywise killed his younger brother, Georgie, who haunted Bill for years. Bill became a successful writer and he married an actress, Audra Phillips, who almost became another computer victim. Bill Denbrough is one of Stephen King’s most popular and acclaimed characters, and one theory suggests that Bill and King are actually one and the same.

Computational theory: Stephen King is Bill Denbrough

He bills the most important member of the losers club

A theory posted on Reddit suggests that Stephen King and Bill Denbrough are the same, and they have some similarities, like the fact that they both went through some really traumatic events at a young age (when King was a kid, he apparently saw one of his friends getting hit and killed by a train), both born in Maine and, of course, both becoming bestselling authors. However, the theory quickly becomes hard to believe as the author goes on to explain that THIS is also a true story, and it was King’s way of warning the world about this horrible shapeshifting creature and preparing for its awakening in 2011 and 2038. The author even suggests that a real Ben Hanscom helped King to recall their memories of their encounters with the computer, and just like in the novel, their memories of the creature began to fade as they got older and moved away from Derry.

Other Stephen King characters based on himself

Every Stephen King Story With Versions Of Himself

The theory that Stephen King and Bill Denbrough are identical is believable when it comes to King using his own experiences in his novels and adding bits of himself to his characters, but the rest certainly doesn’t add up. However, Bill Denbrough isn’t the only character in Stephen King’s universe who is partly based on King’s personality, experiences, struggles, etc., and oddly enough most of these characters are also all of them. writers. Some of Stephen King’s characters based on himself are Salem Bundle Ben Mears, Misery’like Paul Sheldon, The Tommyknockers‘Jim Gardener, half darkby Thad Beaumont/George Stark, Secret window, secret gardenit’s Mort Rainey, Despairit’s Johnny Marinville, Bag of bones“Mike Noonan, The road bug is heading norththis is Richard Kinnell, Lisey’s storyis Scott Landon, and of course, the brilliantit’s Jack Torrance.

Each of them represents different parts of King’s life and career, such as Thad Beaumont and his pseudonym “George Stark”, as does King writing under the name “Richard Bachman”; Paul Sheldon’s desire to leave the books he was famous for was a reaction to the backlash King received for the fantasy novel. dragon’s eyes; and Jack Torrance’s struggles with addiction also mirrored King’s own issues.

It is true that THISBill Denbrough is inspired by the life of Stephen King, so you could say they are identical to some degree, but not quite literally as in the theory mentioned above. Stephen King has been through a lot, and it has channeled some of its greatest traumas, experiences, and struggles into some of its most famous characters and stories, which only makes them more complex and interesting.

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