Complexity plummets at IEM Dallas, finishes tied for last after loss to Ninjas in Pajamas

Complexity’s run at IEM Dallas 2022 ended quickly after losing three of three maps played and finishing in a tie for last place with a lower first-round bracket. The CS: GO representing the esports organization owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was a far cry from playing in front of a home crowd during the playoffs.

The IEM Dallas group stage started as badly as it could have for Complexity with a stunning 16-4 loss to MIBR on Nuke. Complexity then had to win three best-of-three series in a row to reach the playoffs, and that marathon began against a dangerous NiP team fresh off a playoff appearance at the PGL Antwerp Major.

This streak didn’t start well for Complexity, however. The NA team got crushed on their first map choice of Vertigo. A home and away start quickly turned into an avalanche of NiP rounds until halftime, with REZ leading the way for the Ninjas with 32 kills in a 16-9 NiP victory.

Complexity got off to a good start on Overpass, but like on Vertigo, they couldn’t sustain their momentum through the first half and only led 8-7 at halftime after their CT team. NiP started their CT side with a flawless gunshot and began to build a daunting lead. And despite Complexity stringing together a few T-side laps together, it wasn’t enough to catch up. NiP won the series with a 16-12 win over Overpass.

For Complexity, it’s another crushing defeat at the end of a lackluster performance at an international competition, made all the more painful by failing to perform in front of a home crowd. The NA team only has a short break now before heading to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for a Global Esports Tour event which begins on June 9.

Sharon D. Cole