Complexity Gaming and Miller Lite extend their partnership

American esports company Complexity Games expanded its partnership with the beer brand Miller lighta subsidiary of MillerCoors.

According to the release, the two companies will work together on merchandise, while seeking to “support minority voices in esports.” Thus, Miller Lite and Complexity will collaborate on a new initiative designed to support diverse gaming communities.

Image credit: Miller Lite / Complexity

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Additionally, Complexity’s talent roster will help create content with Miller Lite. This is the second major expansion between Complexity and Miller Coors.

The original partnership was signed in 2019 and was overhauled in 2020, moving from live events to streaming and digital broadcasting.

Bee Yancey, Senior Director of Partnerships at Complexity Gaming, commented, “Our relationship with Miller Lite has continued to grow organically in the third year of this partnership.

“We’ve had great success with Miller Lite creating engaging content and brand activations and look forward to further expanding into merchandise and developing positive social initiatives for the gaming ecosystem.”

The next merchandise collaboration, which is set to be released via Complexity’s online store, will include a jersey, hoodie, t-shirt, and hat. The part of the partnership that aims to support diversity will be managed by the two companies. Complexity and Miller Lite will host a series of streams dedicated to unsung heroes, including LGBTQ+, LATINX, women, and charity initiatives.

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James Nanney, Senior Director of Marketing at Miller Lite, said, “Miller Lite is a fan of games, and we know our fans are too. Complexity has been an incredible partner in helping us make meaningful connections with this audience, like they would over an ice cold beer.

Esports Insider says: Miller and Complexity are making great strides together in creating content and supporting good causes. The upcoming merchandise drop is a nice touch, however, what stands out is both brands’ commitment to investing in and supporting charities and minority groups.

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