“Complexity Called MANIPUR Roots, Perceptions & Reality” Should Be Abandoned: Home Department

Imphal: The book “The Complexity Called MANIPUR Roots, Perceptions & Reality” written by Late Brig. Sushil Kumar Sharma published by Viva Books Private Limited by Vinod Vasishtha for Viva Books Private Limited, 4737/23, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi, is expected to be confiscated, the Manipur Home Department said.

The story relating to “Manipur Merger Agreement” is a very sensitive and moving subject for the natives of the state of Manipur. The author had in his above mentioned book stated under the title “Merger of Manipur with the Indian Union” that “The total area covered by the Manipur merger agreement was his territory of 700 square miles or 26,500 Paris /hectares. Not even a single centimeter of hills was covered by this agreement”. The information published in the book is grossly misleading and outrageous. And, these may even constitute a violation of public peace and tranquility and maintaining harmony between different communities residing in the state, thereby affecting India’s national security and national integrity, said an order issued by the Manipur Home Ministry on November 9.

The unsubstantiated statements published in the book are contrary to the Gazette published in 1950 by the Department of States (now Ministry of Home Affairs) of the Government of India under the title “White Paper on Indian States”. The said Government of India publication specifically reproduces the “Manipur Merger Agreement” at page No. 232 viz. Appendix XXXI and it records at page No. 295 thereof, that at the time of amalgamation under the Amalgamation Agreement of 10/15/1949, Manipur had an area of ​​8,620 square miles and a population total population of 512,000, he added.

For the reason that the government of Manipur is of the opinion that the further dissemination of the book containing grossly misleading and factually incorrect information and outrageous statement in connection with the Manipur merger will create misunderstandings and communal tensions among the communities residing in valleys and hills. of the state which may escalate into violence which will affect public tranquility and the maintenance of harmony among the various communities residing in the state and may impact on the integrity of India, and as such, said book should be confiscated, the order said.

In exercising the powers conferred by subsection (1) of Section 95 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974), the Government of Manipur declares that every copy of the said book shall be confiscated for the benefit of the Government.

Sharon D. Cole