Complexity, BBG turned down partnership for 2023 VCT ​​Americas league

Complexity and Built By Gamers, two organizations that competed in North America VALORANTShave both been denied a partnership in the 2023 VCT ​​Americas League, according to statements from both teams released today.

Although Complexity and BBG haven’t made the next step in the partnership application process, the teams are taking different approaches to their VALORANTS coming. For now, Complexity is leaving the male market VALORANTS but is ready to return in the future if more opportunities become available for tier two players and teams. However, the organization will continue to support GX3’s female roster as they participate in VCT Game Changers. The remaining male players will be released as free agents.

BBG is not as quick to withdraw from VALORANTS, yet. CEO Todd Searle said BBG will soon receive more information from Riot on what the NA National League will look like and then decide if it’s still viable to support a VALORANTS team in this division. Searle reiterated that he wanted BBG to stay on the scene “in some way”.

As part of Riot’s announcement of the 2023 partnership model for VALORANTSthe company said at the time that there were plans to expand regional league competition, a venture which has attracted many top competitions and organizations across Europe over the past year.

The departure of Complexity and the potential exit of BBG are the latest in a series of organizations that end, for now at least, the competition VALORANTS in North America. DarkZero, SoaR, Akrew, and NYFU (NYXL) also left the scene last week. Shopify Rebellion was also denied a partnership, but still presents a roster who should participate in the upcoming NA LCQ.

Some information about Riot’s tier two or regional league might prevent more rosters from being taken down, but until that happens there will likely be more organizations leaving.

Sharon D. Cole