Calix: four easy steps to scale your broadband network without complexity or additional costs

In today’s hyper-competitive world, network scalability has never been more vital for broadband service providers (BSPs). Our industry has learned many critical lessons over the past few years, such as the need for a BSP’s access network to be agile and scalable from the start. Average daily bandwidth consumption is now over 50%, and 40% of adults surveyed said they use digital technology or the internet in more ways than ever before. This creates a challenge and an opportunity since traditional network infrastructures are not designed to accommodate this increased level of demand.

To meet these bandwidth challenges, you must design and build broadband networks that enable maximum scalability and flexibility at the lowest cost per bit per mile. You need a scalable network that adheres to standardized protocols and has a common operating model that allows you to quickly enable new services while simplifying your operations.

Design your broadband network for scalability

A high-performance, scalable network expands to support new subscribers and applications without impacting the performance of service delivery to its subscriber base. This requires consistent service models and workflows that simplify operational tasks, create end-to-end orchestration and management, and integrate workflows to reduce operational expenses.

The Network Innovation Platform (AXOS) gives you an innovative way to scale and operate your access network and accelerate your business transformation. Its modular architecture of software modules operates on top of a single hardware abstraction layer that preserves the independence of the software from the underlying hardware. The AXOS platform is your fastest path to a simplified, intelligent access network that speeds time to market, eliminates downtime and lowers total cost of ownership.

Deploy end-to-end IPv6-enabled networks

Currently, BSPs struggle to obtain new IPv4 addresses, often facing high fees when trying to secure them as they attempt to expand their networks. Support for IPv6 in the Intelligent Access EDGE solution paves the way for broadband enterprises to evolve their networks to meet growing subscriber demand for new IPv6 devices, which, by the way, are currently driving service growth rate of more than 40%. You can deploy intelligent and scalable Layer 3 routing by leveraging IPv6 to extend your access network in the most cost-effective way.

Plan for PON redundancy to ensure service continuity and an always-on network

Redundancy is an important element when designing a scalable and future-proof network. It avoids interruptions to business services by minimizing the possibility of a single point of failure. When you combine AXOS with PON redundancy, such as Type B protection, you can keep these critical business services up and running while scaling your access network, even in the event of the inevitable fiber outage or power outage.

The combination of a cloud management solution like Calix Operations Cloud, with the latest AXOS PON redundancy capabilities isolates your subscribers from service interruptions. Imagine reaping the benefits of significant cost savings, improved technical productivity in the field and optimized truck movements by having the power to filter alarms by identifying the location of problems on specific components such as batteries, optics and ONTs before they happen.

Order the ability to scale your scalable network on demand

BSPs must move from incrementally adding network capacity to building a highly scalable deployment ecosystem to meet the demands of future network architectures and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience. The power of the AXOS platform helps BSPs change by reducing their time to integrate back-office systems while dramatically shortening their time to provision and set up new services by more than 80%.

The AXOS E7-2 intelligent modular system easily adapts to support any deployment opportunity. The E7 enables you to deliver differentiated services from a single converged network that maximizes networking economics by enabling new services or market expansion with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Learn more about the scalability and power of the Network Innovation Platform by reading the Intelligent Access EDGE Solution Brief, and stay tuned for the next blog in this network sustainability series.

Sharon D. Cole