BOTW 2 will feature the death of Link

Three years after the game was announced, fans still don’t know much about what’s next. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With so little information, it’s hard for anyone to predict where the story is heading. However, the trailers for the next Zelda The game dropped subtle hints about where Link and Zelda might go next, describing a perilous journey from which Link might not emerge unscathed.

Prior to the E3 teaser, fans had speculated that Link and Zelda would spend the next game beneath Hyrule Castle, searching for secrets in the depths as young love began to blossom between them. The teaser instead showed Zelda falling through a hole and Link teleporting to floating islands with a disfigured arm. A closer inspection of the first trailer in conjunction with the teaser reveals that breath of the wildThe sequel will feature darker themes than its predecessor, and possibly even Link’s death.

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In the first trailer, Link and Zelda are seen venturing into a mysterious underground cavern that houses an ancient embalmed body. When the corpse wakes up, the seal holding it fails and begins to infect Link’s body. This disease completely transforms Link’s arm, and it’s this strange power that gives Link the ability to walk through walls, as seen in the E3 teaser.

Taking a closer look at the first trailer, viewers can see that before Zelda falls into the abyss, Link manages to grab her hand. After she loses her grip, a strange green hand that resembles her new abilities tries to reach out and save her, but fails to get her to safety. In retrospect, this failure was probably avoidable under normal circumstances. After all, Link was quick enough to reach Zelda and shake her hand before she fell. However, the effect of the curse on his body must have drained him of his strength, forcing Link to let go. Additionally, Link is seen lying on the ground shortly after the affliction in the E3 teaser, highlighting the toll on his body.

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Players can see the impact of Link’s perilous mission in the disheveled appearance of his new model. His clothes are torn, his hair is unkempt, and the Master Sword is completely melted. Link winced in pain when infected with the curse, and his character models from the first trailer and the E3 teaser hinted that the disease was spreading from his hand to his arm. Link will learn to control his newfound power in order to navigate the floating structures above Hyrule, but it’s safe to assume it slowly spreads to the rest of his body and may end up consuming it completely if he can’t find one. remedy.

The story gets complicated with the disappearance of Zelda in the abyss. It has become a fact in all Zelda game that if Zelda is in trouble, Link will save her. However, how is Link going to save Zelda when he can’t even save himself? With the devs deciding to separate Link and Zelda so soon after reuniting, it’s possible Zelda will step in and become a playable character, especially if Link becomes too cluttered to heal.

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Judging by her healthier looks, it would make sense for Zelda to act as a supporting character before they split and as the main fighter when she’s on her own. For now, fans can assume from what has been seen in the trailers that Link will have to race against time in order to save Zelda from the depths, the realm from impending darkness, and himself from the mysterious curse.

If Link were to die in breath of the wild sequel, it would dash fans’ hopes of Link and Zelda reuniting. However, encumbering or even killing Link might end up being a good thing in the long run. His absence could spawn another title in which Link has once again been put into stasis and a playable Zelda goes on an adventure to save him. At the moment, this is all just speculation. Fans will have to wait for further trailers or the release of the game to find out the true extent of Link’s curse.

Sharon D. Cole