Boss offers new delay algorithms and expanded IR options for speakers in GT-1000 update

Boss has released an update to its GT-1000 and GT-1000Core multi-effects pedals.

Both the full-size GT-1000 and the pedalboard-friendly GT-1000Core have been processed with the same firmware version 3.2, which features 11 newly developed mastering effect algorithms and five new delay patches.

In terms of mastering, the update promises to help shape your overall sound for a range of different playing styles and situations.

The new delays, on the other hand, have been adapted from classic Roland/Boss effects and aim to emulate the Warm and Glitch sounds of the SDE-3000, DD-20 Standard, DD-20 Analog and DD-8.

Other functional updates include expanded built-in speaker IR options for recording – with the ability to use “Original” speaker types from different amplifiers – and new microphone types.

An RBN121 mic type is now available, along with three mic mix options that have been added to the Speaker Simulator block.

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Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000 (Image credit: Boss)
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Boss GT-1000Core

Boss GT-1000Core (Image credit: Boss)

Finally, for the first time since its inception, the GT-1000 is now available with EV-1-WL support. Thanks to the update, the Boss wireless MIDI expression pedal can be linked to the multi-effects unit via Bluetooth.

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Sharon D. Cole