Bonkers ‘Avril Lavigne is dead’ conspiracy theory explained as fans push ‘clone’ claims

As Avril Lavigne prepares for a brand new world tour following the release of her latest album Love Sux, attention has once again turned to the bizarre conspiracy theory that the Canadian pop star is actually dead.

She isn’t, of course, but that little fact won’t do much to deter the most ardent conspirators.

The conversation once again turns to the bizarre discussion as many fans look to buy tickets for her tour, which will see her perform across Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Over the years, the theory has inspired numerous memes and prompted dozens of fans to search for subtle differences between Avril Lavigne’s early work and her later songs.

But where does the theory come from?

The bizarre claims are believed to have started in 2011, with a Brazilian blog titled “Avril Esta Morta” or “Avril is Dead”. Others dispute that it started in 2005.

According to urban legend, the pressure of her overnight fame and the tragic death of her grandfather threw Avril into a deep depression and the theory claims she was found dead after taking her own life.

These events apparently took place shortly after the 2002 release of her debut album.

Screenshot of Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi (official music video)

Those behind the theory say that a look-alike “clone” named “Melissa” was hired while Avril was stepping away from the spotlight and when she died, the body double learned to sing and to play like the musician.

In order to keep the money coming in, “Melissa Vandella” recorded all of Avril’s music from 2002, they say. Fans even feel they have evidence to back it all up.

Theorists claim there were appearances and disappearances of various skin blemishes in the photos and during a photoshoot they say Avril had written Melissa’s name on her hand.

In 2012, online forums such as the ATRL discovered that other conspiracies were gaining traction, including one where Avril was possibly alive and simply hiding from the public.

Avril Lavigne is happy and healthy in 2022
Avril Lavigne is happy and healthy in 2022

Others claim that there are messages about what happened in Avril’s album Under My Skin and that on the 15th anniversary of her hit single Skater Boi, a high school student has again sent the viral theory.

This time, they claimed that Avril was killed in a snowboarding accident, claiming that the singer’s skin and jawline had changed, as well as her style of dress.

More people seemed to believe it when BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick picked it up in 2015. Some fans claim that later-produced music used pre-existing recordings of the “real” Avril Lavigne.

However, the BuzzFeed reporter came to the conclusion that the purpose of the ‘Avril is Dead’ blog was simply to “prove how easy it is to kick off a big conspiracy theory on the internet.”

The singer posted a response to the bizarre theory, saying it was a “stupid internet rumour” and that she was “flabbergasted that people buy into it”.

She regularly posts on social media and is engaged to musician Mod Sun, posting a video of their “pre-wedding” wedding.

Avril recently joined pop star Olivia Rodigo on her SOUR tour, to sing her hit Complicated.

Sharon D. Cole