Big Bang Theory fans have a spicy pick for their favorite Amy quote

On a Reddit thread, “The Big Bang Theory” fans discussed their favorite Amy moments from the show, with u/bandit0314 kicking off the conversation by saying, “I love Amy and her dark commentary/humor. [is] your favorite quote from Amy?” They also included a music video from season 6, episode 12, where Amy lets Penny know that in case Sheldon’s assistant tries to get Leonard to move, she has “a lab full of monkeys addicted to cocaine without losing anything. One of them could end up in the back seat of his car. Or his shower. It was certainly a blunt quote from Amy at the time, but fans have come to expect her to do a stunt double ever since.

Other fans like u/veemar1977 explained, “Love the scene please pass the butter.” U/AllerZahnAller also said they loved Amy in this sequence, especially since she stood up to Sheldon when he was inconsiderate. This particular moment occurs during season 7, episode 19, when Sheldon tells Amy about the differences in game systems without listening to her.

The two are definitely laughable, though Mayim Bialik’s favorite Amy scenes are still the sweetest moments between Amy and Sheldon (via TBS). On a episode of Breakdown by Mayim Bialik with Kevin SussmanBialik explained that her performances came with a lot of anxiety to fully understand the lines, so she’ll be happy to know that many fans are loving her comedic delivery.

Sharon D. Cole