Best KDnuggets Articles for July 2022: Machine Learning Algorithms Explained in Under a Minute Each

Machine learning algorithms explained in less than a minute each by Nisha Arya Ahmed

July has come and gone (a while ago, at this point), but we’re going to review and recap the best KDnuggets posts for the month.

By far, July’s most popular post was Machine Learning Algorithms Explained in Under a Minute Each by Nisha Arya. Looking to get ELI5 on some of the most popular algorithms? Get it here.

KDnuggets editor Matthew Mayo shared a pair of well-received posts highlighting Python courses. The messages are Free Python Automation Course and Free Python Crash Course, the contents of which are self-explanatory. Both are from freeCodeCamp and provide further proof of Python’s popularity, and the desire to learn it, is with our readers.

Community contributor Josh Berry caused a stir with his popular article The 5 Hardest Things to Do in SQL, in which he outlines 5 super-powerful SQL queries in problem/solution format. Our readers don’t seem to get enough quality SQL material from month to month, as it’s our second most popular learning topic after Python. Posts like this from Josh are the reason.

Our Deputy Editor, Abid Ali Awan, recorded 3 articles in the July top 8, with the top 2 being thematically similar. 16 Essential Data Science DVC Commands and 12 Essential Data Science VSCode Extensions both defined a specific number of commands and extensions, respectively, and then delivered on their promise. Great topics, great articles, great answers. The third, Parallel Processing Large File in Python, is a fitting tutorial on how to accomplish something that everyone will probably need to know at some point, if you work in the Python ecosystem.

Finally, Benjamin O. Tayo contributed to linear algebra for data science. Benjamin covers the basics of algebra related to data science in a concise article, with a focus on principal component analysis, and ends it with a case study.

Here is the full list of the top 8 posts on KDnuggets for the month of July 2022. Note that all posts were rated for total views within the first 14 days after initial posting.

  1. Machine Learning Algorithms Explained in Under a Minute Each by Nisha Arya
  2. Free Python Automation Course by Matthew Mayo
  3. Free Python Crash Course by Matthew Mayo
  4. The 5 hardest things to do in SQL by Josh Berry
  5. 16 Essential DVC Commands for Data Science by Abid Ali Awan
  6. 12 Essential VSCode Extensions for Data Science by Abid Ali Awan
  7. Parallel processing of large files in Python by Abid Ali Awan
  8. Linear Algebra for Data Science by Benjamin O. Tayo

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Thank you to everyone who contributed an article during the month of July, from our editors to the community at large. We are counting on everyone’s efforts in the months to come.

Sharon D. Cole