Batman’s Court of Owls Theory Addressed by Robert Pattinson

The Batmanit’s Robert Pattinson has weighed in on a fan theory involving Bruce Wayne’s parents and the Court of Owls.

Not quite a DC Comics aficionado? Well, the Court of Owls is a relatively new spot on the streets of Gotham City, having debuted in a 2011 issue of Batman – it is an organized criminal group and a secret society made up of rich people.

For a fan-curated Q&A session vanity loungePattinson and his comrades tweeted: “I think Thomas and Martha [Wayne] were the chiefs of the Court of Owls.”

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“I like that one…” Pattinson replied, before The Riddler’s Paul Dano enthusiastically added, “Bro, you gotta go read court of owls, It’s good! This is the first in a new series of Batmanthe first issue is insanely good and that would be messed up.

“I mean, that’s a cool theory.”

Questioning the reality of this twisted situation, the Batman actor said, “If they disappear and [are] sort of run it secretly, that would be a really hard thing for Bruce to deal with, oh that would be a nightmare.

“I was really thinking Court of Owls would probably be in the sequel, it definitely seems like…I mean, I’m just guessing.”

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This isn’t the first time Pattinson has mentioned a sequel either, so we can’t help but think there’s some movement behind the scenes at Warner Bros.

Producer Dylan Clark also previously commented, “As the first standalone Batman In 10 years, the hope is that we can lay the foundations on which you can build stories.”

As with the other theories, one of The Batman the trailers were pointing to something big, which you can read all about here.

The Batman opens in cinemas tomorrow (March 4).

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