Axonius shines a light on the human side of the complexity of cybersecurity through partnerships with World Champion Simone Biles and CrossFit Champion Amy Bream


Biles and Bream will share unique stories and insights that reflect their experiences overcoming adversity

Cybersecurity leader Axonius has partnered with Olympic champion Simone Biles in a campaign that addresses complexity control and how it applies to the journeys of athletes and cybersecurity professionals. Visit for more videos, including a rare personal chat with Simone and her family about how Simone overcame adversity in her gymnastics career.

NEW YORK, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axonius, the leader of cybersecurity asset management and SaaS management, today launched its “Controlling Complexity” campaign, featuring world champion gymnast Simone Biles and CrossFit champion Amy Bream. As a brand committed to elevating the human element of cybersecurity, Axonius has partnered with Biles and Bream because of their experience overcoming adversity, a truth that IT and cybersecurity professionals know all too well as their organizations primary defenders against security threats.

“I’ve faced my share of adversity and complexity in my career, and my ability to persevere is rooted in my strong family support system,” said Simone Biles. “We all face different levels of adversity in today’s digital age, and Axonius helps provide the cybersecurity community with assistance in managing complex environments. After all, it is during the difficult times in our lives that support systems are most critical.

As part of the “Controlling Complexity” campaign, Biles and Bream will share their experiences on how they were able to navigate the complexity of their sport and daily life through a series of videos, available exclusively on Axonius+, a video platform recently launched by Axonius. Each episode will parallel how Biles and Bream coped, adapted and learned from adversity in their respective careers with the inevitable chaos and complexity that security and IT professionals often face. . Axonius’ cybersecurity asset management platform provides customers with a simple and effective way to control the complexity and sprawl of modern IT while ensuring the security of their systems.

“Today, most advertising and marketing campaigns promoting cybersecurity solutions focus on technology, with very few highlighting the human element, but it’s the people behind the technology who are the real heroes,” said Nathan Burke, chief marketing officer at Axonius. “Simone and Amy confronted and overcame complexity at the highest, most public level in a uniquely human way, and we believe their journeys perfectly parallel the current struggles facing cybersecurity teams today.”

“Being born with a birth defect gave me a natural resilience that made me determined to take on any challenge,” Amy Bream said. “When things in my life start to feel too overwhelming or complex, I focus on what I can control. Axonius helps cybersecurity professionals go through the same process, and that’s why I’m so happy to do part of this campaign. Whether you’re doing CrossFit or fending off a hacker, we all have the ability to overcome complexity.

In addition to videos that reveal a side of Biles and Bream not typically seen in the public domain, the “Controlling Complexity” campaign will be featured on the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, Webby Award finalist and Anthem Award winner as well as one of the most popular cybersecurity shows with listeners in over 150 countries. Conversations with Biles and Bream will explore Biles and Bream’s willingness to navigate the unexpected and highlight the importance of committing to fundamentals. Cybersecurity asset management is one of the foundations of security, but knowing which devices and applications are managed and secure paves the way for more advanced, strategic, and high-value work like threat hunting or red teaming.

“We often say that security professionals can be described as mental athletes with no offseason,” said Ronald Eddings and Chris Cochran, Hacker Valley Studio co-hosts and creative directors at Axonius. “By launching this campaign, we hope to help security and IT teams understand that by knowing what devices, users and software are on your network, you will eliminate much of the day-to-day complexity of the job and be able to get the job done. advanced more efficiently.

Watch the entire “Controlling Complexity” video series by visiting Axonius+ or stop at Axonius booth #943 in the South Expo Hall during the RSA conference in San Francisco from June 6-9, 2022, where Biles and Bream will make an appearance. You can also read more about the vision behind the campaign on the Axonius Blog.

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