Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory claims the singer was replaced by a lookalike clone

Over the years, pop artist Avril Lavigne has not only been in the spotlight for her singing, but also for a bizarre conspiracy theory. Rumors were circulating several years ago – and some still believe it to this day – that the Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone.

Forget a twin brother. Can you imagine how much fun it could be to have an exact copy of you? From head to toe, the same. Well, fans claimed that Avril Lavigne was replaced with a look-alike clone that was a copycat of the Canadian singer. The conspiracy theory then seemed to persist for many years thereafter.

Five years ago, the world thought she was dead and replaced by an identical lookalike. Let us tell you why — and how Avril herself reacted to the rumours.

Avril Lavigne’s death theory

According to Initiated, it all started when fans began to believe that the real Avril Lavigne had taken her own life. The wild reason was that her parents claimed to have divorced in 2003, right after her album was released.

The person they thought the singer was replaced by was a lookalike – a girl named Melissa Vandella.

Melissa had previously been hired by Avril’s team to confuse the paparazzi whenever the singer needed a sneaky escape from flashing cameras.

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In 2017, a Twitter user recovered all her “receipts”. Through 50 tweets, she maintained that the singer had been replaced by Melissa to continue her stage name.

The user also alleged that the singer had subtly changed her musical genre in three years. They said his 2004 moody pop-punk album under my skin followed by the sparkling and pop album of 2007 The best fucking thing.

Rumors have been circulating for a while. Although there is no evidence for such claims and the theory has never been proven, some still believe it.

The uncanny resemblance between Avril and Melissa is true, but the whole thing is filled with absurd allegations. In the end, it was just a theory that certainly sparked some entertainment.

“I’m not dead. I’m here”

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Nobody likes to make fun of death, let alone believe that a person might want to try different musical styles.

The first time the singer spoke about the rumors was during a assembly of fans in 2017. A fan asked her if she had really been replaced by a look-alike to which Avril simply replied, “No, I’m not dead. I’m here.”

However, according to Weekly Entertainment, the singer fought back again in 2019 to shut down all the rumors once and for all. She insisted that “it’s just a stupid internet rumor”.

When asked what she thought of the viral story, she replied:

“[I’m] flabbergasted that people adhere to it. Isn’t that so weird? It’s so stupid. And I look exactly the same. On the one hand everyone is saying “Oh my god, you look like you” and on the other hand people are saying “Oh my god, she’s dead”.

Where is Avril Lavigne now?

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On April 6, she surprised fans by announcing her engagement to Mod Sun during their trip to Paris, just over a year of dating.

The Canadian singer is currently on her Canadian month 2022 Visit bite meaccompanied by her new fiancé.

She also made a stop at Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Tour on April 29 to duet the iconic song. Complicated.

Busy and ready, the singer is also set to tour the United States with singer Machine Gun Kelly. She also has other international and festival appearances.

Despite Avril Lavigne’s successful music career and active posts on her social media accounts, her fans and followers have fallen victim to the weirdest celebrity-related conspiracy theories to date.

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