Arctic Theory, led by CCP and EA Vets, is working on creating an ambitious new MMO in 2023

Founded by industry veterans from CCP Games and EA, Arctic Theory is proud to unveil its genre-defining co-op MMO slated for release in 2023. Arctic Theory has already raised $2 million in funding during its first round in early 2022 and is now talking with potential publishing partners.

Code name Annex, the game takes place in a persistent, shared world where nature has reclaimed the remnants of a civilization long gone. By scavenging for resources, building infrastructure, and solving logistical challenges, players will alter the landscape of Annex, creating everything from isolated outposts, trade networks, and modest settlements to large, democratically-run industrial cities.

“Players will collaborate with each other to explore and exploit the vast landscape and its resources,” says creative director Gísli Konráðsson. “They will have to learn how to create the tools necessary to harvest these resources and solve the logistics of transporting and using them. Ultimately, each player contributes to a common goal. Whether it’s a lone prospector in the wild or a team working to build a factory in a new settlement, the entire player base works together to make their mark in this amazing world. . We’re excited to bring this step in the evolution of the MMO to players who love the genre as much as we do. It will be a very unique gaming experience.

The game is expected to enter Early Access in late 2023, and Arctic theory will allow players to help shape the game’s development process from the start as the team builds Annex’s fundamentals and complex systems, tests features, and exchanges feedback with those who will make up its growing population of explorers.

Players should keep their eyes peeled for the Arctic Theory social channels which will announce the development of the game as well as the team’s achievements after major development milestones.

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Sharon D. Cole