An Incredibles Theory Paints Hero Syndrome

In The Incredibles, Syndrome is a cut and dry villain based on his actions. But one theory thinks he could have become a hero later on.

The Incredibles is a beloved Pixar movie that shows how hard being a family can be, but being a superhero family is even harder. However, it became an instant classic among fans as the story is grounded and has a lot of heart. Another iconic aspect of the film is its villain, Syndrome. Although he is undoubtedly an enemy, one theory holds that if he had succeeded in his plan, Syndrome could have been a true hero.

In the film, Syndrome first appears as a young boy aspiring to be Mr. Incredible’s sidekick, Incredi-boy. But on his first night out, he’s more destructive than helpful and upsets Mr. Incredible. So, rather than realizing he wasn’t cut out to be a hero, he decides the only real path left for him is revenge. For decades, he formulated a plan that involved eradicating real superheroes and equipping his own versions of supers so everyone could have powers. What if that plan had come to fruition, Reddit theorist DaddyBigMac believes Syndrome could have single-handedly saved the world.

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While the theory itself takes a relaxed approach, commenting on how the world has failed to have superpowers available at all times, the basis of the theory presents many insights that show that Syndrome could have actually changed humanity. for the better depending on its primary purpose. For Syndrome, he believed that if everyone was great, no one would be. It was his shot at his former idol because he would take the “power” away from his hero by not making him any more special. While he’s the one projecting his anger and inability to deal with his rejection, he could have inadvertently changed the advancement of human technology forever.

As the world moved on without superheroes, the timeline continued much like the real world. No one was producing a death ray, or gaining powers through unexplained means. In short, it allows the world to grow at an average rate but keeps technological progress at a snail’s pace. If Syndrome had endowed the world with abilities, engineers, and scientists, people would be able to understand and upgrade their technology to make things even better and more manageable in everyday life. While this could also lead to potentially more villains, Syndrome’s ability to monitor who has powers could hamper that possibility. However, that also means he could allow villains to appear at any time.

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Nevertheless, in a world where everyone is great and has power, the company could focus on growth as it now has the power to overcome any obstacle. Internally, their abilities might even improve their mental health and confidence, which means that when there is no time for worry and sadness, there is time for growth and change. Ultimately, Syndrome could have created another rebirth that would move the planet to a brighter future.

Syndrome’s actions prove that if the villains could deal with their problems constructively, their minds would be able to benefit humanity and help the species thrive and even give back to Earth. That said, his selfish tendencies and desire for revenge ultimately led to his downfall and revealed this tragedy in his plan. If Syndrome had come out of his shadow, he could have been a better woman than his idol and literally changed the world.

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