Almost every game is between BOTW’s two calamities

When it comes to video game timelines, The Legend of Zelda has a notoriously complex lore, but it’s possible that breath of the wildThe Two Great Calamities revealed more about Hyrule’s long history than fans originally anticipated. BOTWThe story and vague timeline placement are vexed Zelda lore buffs when the game released in 2017, introducing two separate Calamity events that took place 10,000 years apart. While this premise seemed to make BOTWthe plot is more obscure and complicated than necessary, it is possible that the next sequel to the game, tears of the kingdomwill shed light on the history of Hyrule leading up to the final episodes of the series.


While much of Hyrule’s past has been intentionally obscured by the Zelda timeline, there are shreds of detail present in the canon games and accompanying books that can add deeper context to the main events of the series. Namely, the Hyrulean Civil War mentioned in Ocarina of time and the war of the intruders evoked during Twilight Princess are two major events in Hyrule’s history that have yet to be fully detailed. It is possible that BOTW‘s First Great Calamity is actually another name for the intruder war, which would place almost any game on the Zelda timeline between BOTW‘s two apocalyptic calamities.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Zelda’s Zonai Tribe

A large statue seen in a jungle in Breath of the Wild, one of the many ruins of the ancient Zonai tribe.

tears of the kingdomThe trailers for contain references to the ancient Zonai tribe, whose ruins litter BOTW‘s southeast of the Faron region. This ancient warrior tribe is said to have mysteriously disappeared, leaving the citizens of Hyrule to whisper of their strange and powerful magic, according to the Create a Champion art book released in 2018. According to Twilight Princess, there were many years of peace after the establishment of Hyrule through the power of its Triforce. However, as word of the Triforce spread, a group of powerful wizards known only as the Intruders attempted to take control of The legend of Zeldathe holy realm. In order to stop their plot, the Goddesses locked them in the Twilight Realm with the fused shadow created by their magic.

Popular theories link the Twili and the Zonai, including the serpent imagery noted in both the Twilight Palace and the later EARLY trailer and the distinct blue-green hue of their magic. As such, the demise of the Zonai tribe could be directly linked to the banishment of the Twili ancestors, allowing these tribes to be in effect the same. If this is the case, however, then the Zelda the timeline implies that the Zonai disappeared from Hyrule sometime after skyward sword when the inhabitants of Skyloft repopulated the surface world, placing their demise much earlier in the hyrule kingdom past that the events of BOTW.

Zelda’s Interloper War – The beginning of Hyrule’s civil strife

Image from a Twilight Princess cutscene, showing three glowing orbs representing the goddesses and the merged shadow of the intruders.

Not much is known about the Intruder War mentioned in Twilight Princessbut its placement on the official website Zelda the timeline may have deeper implications for the series when combined with lore on BOTW‘s two calamities. Assuming the Zonai are truly the ancestors of the Twili people sealed to end the Intruder War, it’s possible this group was among the first to attempt to revive the Demon King after Demise was sealed in skyward sword. While the vague legend about the origins of the Twili leaves a lot of room for interpretation, it’s possible that the Intruder War has since come to be known as the First Great Calamity.

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While the exact details of the Intruder War are unclear by the divide The Legend of Zelda chronology, this eventually led to Rauru building the Temple of Time, sealing the entrance to the Sacred Realm. It should be noted that the Intruder War was only ended by divine intervention through the divine power of the Merged Shadow. Although it was made by the Intruders, this magical artifact rivaled the Triforce itself, leaving Hyurle with no way to fight future attempts to possess it without the help of the Goddesses.

Zelda’s First Calamity and Hyrule’s Ancient Technology

Breath of the Wild's Vah Rudania Divine Beast clings to the lava-strewn slopes of Death Mountain.

Considering the divine power of the Twili ancestors and their Merged Shadow compared to the rest of the Zelda timeline, it’s likely that the royal family of Hyrule and their allies were in a rush to find a way to fight the Demon King’s power after the Intruder War ended. Hyrule’s ancient period of technological advancement first mentioned in BOTWThe 10,000 year old legend may be the result of the efforts of The legend of Zeldathe sheikah tribe to protect the earth from its evil during this chaotic time. This would place the creation of the Divine Beasts and Guardians much closer to the era of skyward sword than expected, probably sandwiched BOTWOriginal Calamity between skyward sword and all other games on the timeline.

The machines created by ZeldaThe Sheikah tribe of were as powerful as the gods themselves, leading to a time of peace in Hyrule thanks to this advanced technology. However, the ancient Sheikah were later ordered to bury their inventions and were forced into exile by the King of Hyrule at the time, who realized that his citizens feared their power and potential. to be used for evil. If Hyrule’s technology has developed enough to be feared, it could also explain why the advanced machines shown on the surface of skyward swordThe pre-Hylian world disappeared long before the history of any other The Legend of Zelda Game. Thus, it is not only possible for BOTWThe first great calamity of occurred shortly after skyward swordbut this location could solve several other questions regarding Zelda‘s lore that have been raised in previous games.

What BOTW’s Two Calamities Mean for Zelda’s Timeline

Princess Zelda watches Hyrule Castle, which is shrouded in the malevolence of Calamity Ganon.

BOTWHyrule’s history is told mostly through vague legends, most of which are passed down to Link by Impa after he loses his memory. As such, the legend of the First Great Calamity 10,000 years before the events of the game creates a lot of confusion about BOTWhistory and essentials Zelda chronology. That is BOTW must take place more than 10,000 years after all other events in the official timeline so far, or the first major calamity occurred at an earlier time in the timeline that has yet to be revealed. If the Zelda Zonai tribe identity theory as the Ancient Intruders are real, however, it’s possible that learning the full story of their mysterious disappearance could reveal the truth about Hyrule’s history. This result would however introduce another paradox for The Legend of ZeldaTimeline of – Ganondorf is first introduced in Ocarina of timemeaning there should be some justification for Calamity Ganon appearing in the Intruder War/first Great Calamity in an earlier time.

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