‘Abbott Elementary’ won’t discuss critical race theory, says Quinta Brunson

ABC’s latest sitcom, Abbott Elementary School, is a hit with audiences around the world. Fans loved his characters, mockumentary style, and humor, and they want more. Luckily, the network renewed the show for a second season, so they can keep telling stories and making people laugh for many more episodes. But according to Quinta Brunson, the creator and star of Abbott Elementary Schoolthere are topics the show won’t touch on.

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Quinta Brunson Reveals ‘Abbott Elementary’ Won’t Address Critical Race Theory

By speaking with InitiatedQuinta Brunson shared that Abbott Elementary School would not explore critical race theory. Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is a concept that some schools teach. In summary, the CRT posits that race is a social construct and studies racial bias in many institutions. The CRT is a complex theory that many politicians and legislators have tried to ban from schools in recent years.

Brunson said: “Look, I’ll be honest: critical race theory – that’s not what the teachers I know in public schools and inner city schools…they don’t talk about that shit .

The creator added that the debate over whether or not schools should teach CRT is a “suburban” issue.

“The whole argument is just stupid,” she concluded. “In schools where the staff and children are predominantly black, black history is taught throughout the year. It’s just part of the makeup of the schools. If you look at the walls of Abbott, there’s black history everywhere.

According to Quinta Brunson, fans shouldn’t expect CRT to appear in Abbott Elementary School soon. But there are other topics the creator is looking forward to including in future episodes.

What issues will the series tackle?

Although critical race theory does not appear in Abbott Elementary School in the near future, Quinta Brunson promises that the show will address other important topics.

She told Insider she was “very interested” in exploring charter schools. Brunson wants the series to discuss how people view charter schools versus public schools. However, she does not yet know how to approach the subject.

“It’s like, why can’t we think more about public schools?” wondered the creator. “Why do they have to turn into a charter school to be considered worthy?”

Given the popularity of Abbott Elementary Schoolit looks like Quinta Brunson will be able to explore any issue her heart desires for many years to come.

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Quinta Brunson reveals his inspiration for ‘Abbott Elementary’

During her interview with Insider, Quinta Brunson opened up about her inspiration for Abbott Elementary School. According to the filmmaker, her mother was a teacher in her primary school. And the two of them carpooled to school with one of the other teachers. Brunson was motivated by the discussions her mother and co-worker shared on their car rides, which gave her the idea to Abbott Elementary School.

The creator said, “I’ve seen people bond over the shared experience of trying to help children. And I’m not sure my mom and this teacher would have been friends otherwise, you know what I mean? But wanting to take care of children and teach people about bonding in a very beautiful way.

Abbott Elementary School airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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