A look at the partnership between Complexity Gaming and Dallas Cowboys

Frisco, Texas-based Complexity Gaming and “America’s Team” are more than just neighbors to The Star.

FRISCO, Texas – Across from the Ford Center at The Star is the headquarters of Complexity Gaming.

If you ask founder and CEO Jason Lake about the positioning of their headquarters, this is probably in the best possible place.

Spanning almost 20 years in esports, with Lake being present at every step, Complexity Gaming took quite an interesting turn when the organization was purchased in 2017 by a household name around the world, but more importantly everyone. the world in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Since the beginning of Complexity’s partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, the esports organization has looked to their partner as a guide in leading teams and keeping team members healthy and mentally prepared.

Lake spoke to the WFAA about the similarities he’s seen between traditional sports and esports since founding Complexity and how running an esports organization isn’t just about focusing on video games.

“I have always seen [esports] like the perfect convergence of athletic competition and the culture of gaming and nerds that I was very passionate about…I was always adamant this was the next world sport,” Lake said.

“We recruit and identify professionals of similar perspective to how other professional leagues do,” he added. “We’re taking their lifestyle, from the food they eat, to their exercise, to their medical care, mental health, and training environments to a level never seen in any type of video game environment. “

Lake said Complexity’s facility at The Star, which opened in 2019, took after the Cowboys in terms of going for the better.

“If you’re thinking, ‘Wow, I bet these Cowboys players have the best facilities,’ they do. The best food, they do. The best coaches, they do. The best scouts, they do.. Well, so do we,” Lake said.

Their facilities have spaces for mental health breaks, lounges for players, a room that mimics the lights and sounds of large arenas, and a research and development room that delves into the science of improved player health and gameplay.

“We’re getting into studies of the mind. And into the eyes and into sleep and how nutrition affects your twitch reaction speeds,” Lake said. “…We apply it to make sure our players have a long career.”

As for continuing the relationship with the Cowboys, Lake said he wants Complexity to set the standard for partnerships in the esports industry.

“I think our relationship with the Cowboys is an example for other organizations looking to integrate with sports groups on how to do that and best practices,” he said.

Wanting to break the “stereotype of unhealthy kids,” Lake said Complexity trains its players like professional athletes.

And with a star logo and the unique relationship with “America’s Team,” Complexity’s founder and CEO felt confident in his summary of his organization.

“We’re basically the Dallas Cowboys of the game.”

Sharon D. Cole