10 harsh realities of being Raj Koothrappali

The Big Bang Theory is a long-running sitcom about geek pop culture and the ups and downs of a young scientist’s job in the early 21st century in Pasadena, California. The series focuses on four science friends who enjoy everything from the Justice League of America to particle physics and star trek trivia, and that includes Rajesh Koothrappali, the astronomer.

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Raj was born and raised in India, and he grew up in a wealthy and prosperous family, which gave him a head start in his budding career as an astronomer until he moved to California to work at CalTech. It’s true that Raj has a lot of good things to be grateful for in his life, but he also has to deal with harsh realities and unique challenges that even Sheldon and Leonard can’t relate to. When is it hard to be Raj?

ten Rather, Raj’s parents are controlling

Unlike his goofy best friend Howard Wolowitz, Raj still has both of his parents in his life, and he’s pretty close to them, including after their dramatic divorce in later seasons. Still, Raj can’t stand how controlling his mother and father can be with him, even though they are on separate continents.

Raj’s wealthy parents support him financially, which means they feel justified in interfering in their son’s life and asking him many probing questions. They’ve even tried to put him in touch with potential wives, although that usually doesn’t work out very well. That annoys Raj, that’s for sure.

9 Raj didn’t like Leonard dating Priya

Raj has a sister named Priya, who is a successful and quick-witted lawyer. Priya is a capable, down-to-earth person who can take care of herself, but still, Raj feels the need to watch over her like a hawk, like a responsible big brother.

This mostly annoys Priya, but it’s not always fun for Raj either, who feels like he has no choice. In particular, Raj disapproved when his friend Leonard started dating Priya, and it caused all sorts of tension between the three of them.

8 Raj can’t easily talk to women

raj in the big bang theory

One of Raj’s biggest challenges was his inability to speak out loud to women. Later, this problem was solved, but for much of his life, Raj just couldn’t say a word to a woman he was not related to, and that made him unhappy.

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This greatly hampered Raj’s attempt to have a love life, and it was an even bigger problem than Howard’s bad pickup lines or Leonard’s insecurities. It’s no wonder Raj searched for so many creative solutions to this problem, though none of his solutions worked for very long.

seven Raj is weak on alcohol

One of Raj’s most common solutions to his communication problems is to drink an alcoholic drink. Early in the series, Raj and his friends realized that alcohol allowed him to talk out loud to women, but it wasn’t the best solution. For one thing, Raj tends to talk all sorts of nonsense when tipsy, which only makes things worse.

Also, Raj is totally light and can’t stand a lot of alcohol for whatever reason he drinks it. He could get sick or pass out after just a few drinks, while experienced drinkers like Penny and Zack would be fine.

6 Raj and Howard have drama between them

Howard and Raj being a stereotypical Big Bang Theory couple

All in all, Raj and Howard are great friends and their bond is something to cherish. Occasionally, however, their closeness can be a problem, and Raj tends to get clingy and needy at times, which Howard might get tired of.

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Raj and Howard are known to argue verbally like two lovers going through a rough patch, and it can get pretty ugly at times. Even Leonard, who has his own dramas, is sometimes shocked by the amount of drama in Raj’s life.

5 Raj has issues with his home country

raj koothrappali

Raj has lived in California for years, and he has found much to love living in the United States as a CalTech employee. Sometimes, however, it becomes apparent that Raj is uncomfortable with his Indian background, whether for silly or serious reasons. Being a man of two worlds is not easy.

On the one hand, Raj must be feeling deep guilt for eating beef repeatedly despite his Hindu faith, and he doesn’t like the way his parents follow Indian customs in terms of family relationships and arranged marriages. Raj also clarified that he doesn’t like the idea of ​​going home to the endless crowds and the food he doesn’t like.

4 Raj’s love life is lagging behind

Emily and Raj meet on their first date for the first time since the Big Bang Theory

Raj got some success in his love life, and he has had many wonderful dates with beautiful women who appreciate him for who he is. Still, Raj struggles to find a girlfriend, and other than arranged marriages, his chances of getting married seem dim. Raj is unhappy with this.

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Raj continues to move in and out of relationships, while his friend Howard has married Bernadette, and Sheldon is making slow but some progress with Amy Farrah Fowler. In a dramatic scene, Raj dramatically complained that he would have a stable girlfriend after Sheldon Coopermaking a total scene in the process.

3 Cinnamon can’t fill the void

At some point, Raj adopted a small dog and named her Cinnamon, and he became a passionate and responsible pet owner. That’s a wonderful thing in itself, but Raj’s reasons for getting Cinnamon are less flattering.

Raj got Cinnamon out of desperation, to fill the hole in his heart, such as when Sheldon got carried away and adopted several cats to make up for Amy’s breakup with him. But in Raj’s case, this pet-based compensation lasted much longer, and it’s possible Raj saw Cinnamon as a gentle but dark reminder of what he didn’t have in his life.

2 Raj must be Aquaman

raj as aquaman

A common joke in The Bang Bang Theory involves DC’s underwater superhero Aquaman; that it is awful. In the actual DC comics, there’s a lot to like about Aquaman, but Raj is convinced that being forced to cosplay as Aquaman is an insult.

Raj often ends up becoming Aquaman whether he likes it or not, and he wishes he could disguise himself as anyone else. In fact, his costume didn’t fit on Howard’s scooter, so he and Howard had to walk to Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment.

1 Working with/for Sheldon is a pain

raj with sheldon in the office

For a time, Raj ended up working with Sheldon in the latter’s office at CalTech, and it was a delicate and difficult partnership for the two of them. Predictably, Sheldon was downright insufferable and arrogant about the whole affair, and he insisted that Raj was working for him, rather than with him.

Raj disagreed, and that wasn’t the only problem between them. Sheldon kept invalidating Raj’s work and even made fun of his Indian heritage, which was a low blow, such as playing loud Indian music in the office. They even shot each other with Nerf guns out of frustration, and their friends quickly decided not to get involved in the mess.

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