10 Harsh Realities of Being Howard Wolowitz

The Big Bang Theory is a long-running sitcom television series featuring four awesome friends and their circle of friends. The four main guys all have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s clear that all four guys have had a tough life overall. This includes Howard Wolowitz, played by actor Simon Helberg.

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Howard thinks he’s a shrewd ladies’ man and star engineer, but his difficult childhood was hard to shake. Even now, he has many problems and harsh realities to deal with in day-to-day life, despite how far he has come. Some of Howard’s problems are actually his own fault, while many others make him a victim of circumstance.

ten Howard is still marked by abandonment

Some of Howard’s harsh daily realities are his fault, but that doesn’t include his fear of abandonment. Growing up, Howard grew up in a relatively normal household. When he was 11, his father simply disappeared and Howard has not been in contact with Mr. Wolowitz since.

It’s a deep emotional scar for Howard, and it never fully healed. This harsh reality does not ruin every day of Howard’s adult life, but he will always remember this deep-rooted problem. It’s an inner demon that pops up from time to time, and it’s never welcome. It also affected many of his relationships in the future.

9 Howard’s mother is bossy

Howard's big bang theory

One of the best running gags of The Big Bang Theory is Howard’s relationship with his off-screen mother, played by the late Carol Ann Susi, who also appeared in That 70s show. Howard and his mother are pretty close, but they don’t always act like that. In fact, they often yell at each other.

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Mrs. Wolowitz is very protective of her only son, and Howard sometimes finds him obnoxious and overbearing. He’s a bit used to it, but he also complained about it during one of his first meetings with Bernadette. Fortunately, Bernadette knew exactly what he was going through.

8 Ms Wolowitz died unexpectedly

howard bernadette sad

Howard would often joke impatiently about looking forward to his mother’s death so that he would finally be freed from his overbearing ways. When he received a grim phone call one day, he immediately changed his tune. Howard’s mother had indeed passed away and Howard was devastated by the news.

Howard has managed to deal with his grief healthily, as has Ms Wolowitz’s daughter-in-law, Bernadette. Yet Howard must live each day knowing that he will never be able to speak to his mother or hear her voice, and it must be a heavy burden for him.

seven Sheldon constantly mocks Howard

annoyed sheldon tbbt

The main characters of The Big Bang Theory aren’t afraid to tease each other, like commenting on Leonard’s short stature or making fun of Penny for being a struggling waitress. In particular, Sheldon Cooper loves to criticize Howard for being an engineer.

To almost everyone, Howard is a genius, being an MIT grad who designed space machines for NASA. Somehow, that’s not good enough for Sheldon. Thus, Howard has to endure the constant teasing of his career, and Sheldon can’t be convinced to quit.

6 Howard has an unlucky start to his love life

Howard Wolowitz in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment The Big Bang Theory

Eventually Howard met and married the love of his life, Bernadette, and they remained happily married with children. Until then, however, Howard often proved how bad he was at dating women, despite claiming to be a suave entertainer.

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Howard frequently tried and failed to impress girls in bars and clubs with his terrible pranks and magic tricks, and he was baffled. His overly harsh attitude and desperation often showed through. When Leonard directly observed and criticized Howard’s technique, Howard erroneously claimed that Leonard was holding him back.

5 The other astronauts bullied him

howard in space

Howard had the trip of his life to outer space and served as a specialist aboard the International Space Station for a time. At first, Howard was thrilled to be living every budding astronaut’s dream, but it soon turned into a nightmare. In space, “no one could hear Howard scream”.

Howard was often bullied back home on Earth, and that trend continued in space. The other astronauts pestered Howard non-stop with latrine duties and a range of pranks and gags. Howard was pushed to the brink and needed mediation to stabilize himself.

4 People are tired of hearing Howard’s astronaut story

Howard talks about space

After some delays, Howard finally made it home to Earth, but the reception was colder than space itself. Howard continued to visit his friends to tell them about his trip, but he was surprisingly early and no one was willing to listen. Some of Howard’s friends even pushed him away.

Howard then had the opportunity to tell the story, but he got carried away and kept telling it. Quickly, everyone got angry and tired of hearing his stories. It’s partly Howard’s fault, but no one can blame him for getting all worked up and talking about the best experience of his life. He felt very bad when his friends and his wife told him to stop.

3 Bernadette has become authoritarian

The Big Bang Theory Bernadette and Howard

Howard and Bernadette are deeply in love, but that doesn’t stop them from getting upset. Curiously, Bernadette soon began to act more like Mrs. Wolowitz, both before and after Mrs. Wolowitz’s death. Accustomed to dominating women and having someone do everything for him, Howard barely noticed.

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Bernadette eventually became a stern mother figure to Howard, and she always seemed annoyed with him, which made Howard feel inadequate. At first they treated each other as equals, but not for long.

2 Bernadette earns much more than him


Howard is proud of his wife’s solid career as a microbiologist, and he certainly congratulated her when she received her doctorate. in one of The Big Bang Theoryfrom previous seasons. Both Wolowitzes are successful in their chosen fields, but everyone thinks Bernadette is more successful overall.

Occasionally, Howard is teased for earning less than his wife. Even Bernadette herself mocked Howard for this, claiming her husband earned “peanuts” over her. It’s unclear exactly how much either earns, but Howard doesn’t like having his career and accomplishments undermined.

1 Raj can be sticky sometimes

Howard and Raj being a stereotypical Big Bang Theory couple

Overall, Howard and Raj have a great friendship and they rely on each other a lot, especially before Howard got married. Sometimes though, their friendship got awkward and Raj often got rather clingy and needy.

As a good friend, Howard will not hesitate to support Raj. It must have been difficult at times as Raj can often be melodramatic and need a lot of help. This often upsets Howard and wears him down, but he doesn’t give up on Raj. He has to put up with Raj’s needy side whenever he shows up.

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