10 Biggest Pitch Holes Fans Can’t Ignore

Now that Young Sheldon finally premiered its fifth-season finale on May 19, 2022, it expanded The Big Bang Theory universe in 17 years of content. Since its creation in 2007 and Young Sheldon as of 2017, everything is coming to an end. So. with 279 episodes over 12 years, there are bound to be inconsistencies over the seasons.

From season 1 to season 12, the seven main characters have changed drastically, but some of their nuances just don’t match previous episodes, and fans have certainly noticed these sudden changes in the storyline. Whether big or small, these plot holes have definitely been spotted.


Penny’s Forgotten Sister

Penny over the seasons occasionally dropped hints of her family, whether it was her brother who worked in a meth lab or her father who nicknamed her “puncher.” By the end of the show, it had been confirmed that she had two parents, Wyatt and Susan, and a brother and sister, Randall and Lisa.

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However, at her wedding, Lisa seems absent from the photo. There is no explanation as to why Lisa and her husband are not present at her sister’s wedding, along with all of her other family members, as fans noticed in season 10, ” The Conjugal Conjecture”. The only explanation fans could come up with is that Lisa is serving time in prison for accidentally shooting her husband…or that the writers just forgot about her.

Jimmy Speckerman and George Cooper Sr.

Sheldon told stories of an unpleasant childhood filled with bullies and a not-so-good relationship with his father. It all makes sense, right down to the spin-off prequel: Young Sheldon. It’s because of Lance Barber, who was cast as both Sheldon’s childhood bully…and his father.

In Season 5, Lance Barber appears as Jimmy, Sheldon’s high school bully, who wants to reconnect. But in Young Sheldon, Lance Barber is cast as George Cooper Sr, a lead role, where he plays Sheldon’s father. Looks like the casting director forgot and now Sheldon’s bully is also his dad. The writer also changed his father’s characteristics to Young Sheldonfrom a heavy alcoholic who cheats on his wife to a caring husband who drinks a beer once in a while.

Sheldon never had a place at work

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper had many quirks and rules he abided by in his life, one of which was having an assigned seat in his apartment. He described it as the “single point of consistency”. It’s so important that it’s been made a point since the pilot episode.

However, this is not its only place. He has a place in Penny’s apartment, in a jail cell, in the Arctic, and a chosen urinal at work. So why is there no room in the cafeteria? A major setting in the series, where the characters often hang out, seems to be the only place where Sheldon forgets to like a certain seat. He is more than comfortable changing seats, unlike any other time. His sudden comfort with change doesn’t match his personality.

Sheldon’s Cat Allergy

Sheldon with a bunch of cats in The Big Bang Theory

In the show’s first season, it is established that Sheldon is allergic to cats. This occurs in Season 1, where Leonard is depressed over Penny’s new boyfriend. In his troubles, he mentions having a cat, which Sheldon denies due to his asthma.

This ends up being a double plot hole, as in later seasons it is revealed that Leonard has asthma, not Sheldon. As for Sheldon’s supposed allergy to cats, in Season 4’s “The Zazzy Substitution,” Sheldon adopts five cats. At no time does he find himself affected by Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch and Zazzles. Either he lied about his allergy in Season 1 or the writers forgot about it.

Penny’s last name and dad’s name

Penny’s family is rarely mentioned throughout the series, so much so that her full name is never mentioned. She is only called Penny. So when she came forward with facts about her family at the start of the seasons, like her father, Bob, fans quickly picked up on the name change.

Penny first mentions her father in Season 2’s “The Maternal Capacitance”. It is here that she mentions Bob, her father. But in Season 4’s “The Boyfriend Complexity,” his name becomes Wyatt. Some fans had speculated that Penny’s last name was Wyatt, making the change a surname, but it was confirmed that the writers never decided on a last name for Penny. So it must have been a blunder on the Bob/Wyatt name.

Hindi speaking Raj

Raj Big Bang Theory

Rajesh Koothrappali was born in New Delhi, India, where he grew up. He lived with his Indian parents and also went to school in India, before moving to America later in life. So it would make sense for Raj to understand and speak Hindi, and he does.

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In several episodes of the show, it is shown that he translates, speaks or understands the Hindi language. In Season 1, Raj speaks Hindi in his head, as he sings old lullabies his mother sang to him. In Season 11, Raj translates Hindi overheard in a cricket match. So why in Season 10’s “The Cognition Regeneration” does Raj tell Sheldon that he never learned Hindi, after Sheldon spoke to him in the language? It was a punch that just doesn’t make sense.

Howard studied at MIT for six years

Simon Helberg as Howard in The Big Bang Theory

It’s a running joke that Howard still lives with his mother for the first few seasons. They show that Howard and his mother depend on each other and have no intention of moving. Howard often complains about this mother, and yet he has spent his whole life at home with her. But he got a degree at MIT.

For Howard to graduate, he would have had to study at MIT for six years… in Boston. However, he lives in Pasadena, on the other side of the country. But never on the show was it mentioned that Howard had moved on, and his mother couldn’t even imagine him leaving home, even though he was in space for a few months.

The broken elevator

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon & Penny in the Elevator

The yellow warning tape was a staple in the building’s stairwell. The elevator had been broken since the start of the series, with no hope of it being fixed until season 12. But the story behind the broken elevator isn’t revealed until season 3 “The Staircase Implementation.”

It is explained that it broke due to Leonard’s science experiment going wrong, causing an explosion that broke the elevator. However, in Season 1 it is mentioned that the elevator has been broken for two years, which creates an incorrect timeline of when it broke. In later seasons, Howard tries to investigate the reason for the broken elevator, even though he was present when it broke. Every instance doesn’t match the original story of the elevator breaking, like everyone has amnesia about it.

Bernadette’s change in attitude towards children

Bernadette with a smirk

At the beginning of Bernadette’s story, she explains to Howard that she does not get along well with children. It is after a birthday party where she attacks the children present. Howard says things will be different with their own kids. But Bernadette reveals that she never wants to have children.

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However, in Season 9, Bernadette discovers she is pregnant, to whom her only concern is how to tell Howard. She has no nervous or negative feelings about the pregnancy itself. Indeed, she ends up having a second child in season 11 and in season 12, when Penny becomes pregnant, afraid of having children, Bernadette scolds her for not wanting it. Her state of mind has changed drastically, which is likely due to Malissa’s actual pregnancy.

Amy character change

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy was featured in Season 3’s “The Lunar Excitement.” Her personality was robotic and brutal. Howard described her as the female version of Sheldon. She didn’t need romance or follow normal social constructs like other girls do, which made her a perfect candidate for Sheldon.

But since Amy became a main character on the show, the writers changed her. Suddenly she came alive, she cared about friends, romance and fashion. It is even revealed that she tried to bleach her facial hair when she was young. So indicating that Amy had always been interested in societal thoughts, boys, and appearance, a version of Amy that certainly doesn’t match her initial introduction. The writer probably changed her to distinguish her as her own character instead of a watered down version of Sheldon.

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