10 Actors Who Succeeded In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular and longest running sitcoms, with 12 complete seasons, and then there is the Young Sheldon fallout as well. The main characters in this franchise are all geeky but lovable scientists who explore their lives in the heart of Pasadena, California, and the cast quickly expanded far beyond that.

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Not only is The Big Bang Theory loaded with witty and gripping dialogue, but it also has top-notch actors who really bring these characters to life. They must do more than recite star trek anecdotes or explain the Drake equation, however. These actors must convey all of the diverse and subtle emotions of these characters, including through body language. We can say that each actor of The Big Bang Theory successful, but some of them really stand out.

ten Jim Parsons did the impossible with Sheldon Cooper

The oft-misunderstood character of Sheldon Cooper is intense and offers plenty of fast-paced, complex dialogue that also demands unusual emotional inflections and body language, and not just any actor could portray Sheldon properly. Fortunately, Jim Parsons dominated the scene with his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper.

Jim Parsons can recite huge amounts of borderline tongue-twisting dialogue in The Big Bang Theory, while delivering some seriously hilarious one-liners with perfect facial expressions and comedic timing. Jim Parson’s role as Sheldon really made the show.

9 Johnny Galecki Is Sincere as Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Hofstadter’s character may annoy Sheldon with his many emotional outbursts and chaotic personal life, but that’s why The Big Bang Theory fans love watching actor Johnny Galecki play this character. Unlike the aloof and routine-loving Sheldon, Leonard is a lively man whose love, anger, and grief are all larger than life.

Actor Johnny Galecki does a stellar job portraying Leonard as a self-aware particle physicist who just wants to find true love and live a relatively “normal” life outside of high-powered lasers and comic books, and his many run-ins with Sheldon make for some of the best drama on television. They have amazing chemistry together, and Johnny Galecki is the catalyst.

8 Kaley Cuoco is the tough blonde Penny

In the very first episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Leonard returned home to find Penny moving into the apartment across the street from theirs, and their lives have never been the same since. Penny is from Nebraska and she can’t wait to be a big actress in Los Angeles. It will take time, however.

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Actress Kaley Cuoco captures every aspect of such a character, from Penny’s tough love as a big sister type to her vulnerable moments, hot-blooded anger and defensiveness as well. Penny is many people in one, all compelling thanks to the acting prowess of Kaley Cuoco.

seven Kunal Nayyar brings the softer side of Raj to life

Actor Kunal Nayyar has clearly done his best to keep his character, Rajesh, balanced over the course of The Big Bang Theory. After all, while Raj is best known for his warm empathy and giving nature, Kunal Nayyar also made sure to bring out Raj’s intense and excitable side. He’s nice, but he’s not boring.

Raj can truly capture viewers’ hearts with this emotionally rich game, from Raj’s joyful enthusiasm for artistic expression to his sudden outbursts of love and dating, not to mention his heated arguments with his best friend, Howard. Kunal Nayyar can make Raj both cuddly and tough, and that’s remarkable.

6 Simon Helberg makes Howard hysterical and vulnerable

Only actor Simon Helberg could take on the role of feminist CalTech engineer Howard Wolowitz and make it so compelling. Granted, many of Howard’s jokes and antics have aged awkwardly and were pretty over the top even then, but no one can argue with Mr. Helberg’s ability to bring this character out. That’s exactly what Howard would want.

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Simon Helberg’s acting makes Howard clumsy, boring, goofy, likeable and just plain captivating, which helps The Big Bang Theory shows every aspect of this surprisingly complex character in every episode. Mr. Helberg also does a great job with Howard’s outrageous facial expressions and amusing voices.

5 Melissa Rauch makes Bernadette scary but kind too

Actress Melissa Rauch embodies the little microbiologist Bernadette from season 3, and her presence is essential. From the outside, Bernadette looks like a sweet young woman in doll clothes, but she shouldn’t be disturbed. Bernadette is loving but also tough and brash, almost like a tsundere anime character.

Melissa Rauch does a stellar job with the role of Bernadette, vividly expressing her own brand of tough love and motherly manners while perfectly delivering goofy dialogue and sarcastic jokes. It’s strange but impressive how his creaky voice can sound so intimidating.

4 Mayim Bialik makes Amy Farrah Fowler goofy and adorable

Actress Mayim Bialik is now the face of the long-running game show Danger!, but she also did a stellar job as the shy but increasingly daring neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy debuted at the end of Season 3 as Sheldon’s perfect female counterpart, but she quickly became more than that.

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Amy and Sheldon were good for each other, and Mayim Bialik’s warm and passionate acting helped bring the “Shamy” couple to life. Amy’s shy but serious nature is easy to like, and she can easily go from vulnerable to cheerful to quite angry as the script demands.

3 Wil Wheaton plays himself

Actor Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame appeared halfway The Big Bang Theory like himself, and he’s not afraid to play with people, especially Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon resented Wil for not showing up to a star trek convention, only for Wil to drag him into a game of cards and escalate the feud.

Wil Wheaton does a wonderful job of portraying himself as a somewhat, but not entirely, humble actor who occasionally plays a little fun with his celebrity status and influence. He describes himself as a slick, suave type of geek who knows pop culture but can still keep himself reasonably grounded.

2 Laurie Metcalf plays Sheldon’s warm mother, Mary Cooper

Sheldon’s mother, Mary, is a true Texan and an avid churchgoer, which certainly sets her apart from her beloved son “Shelly.” She is played by actress Laurie Metcalf who eventually passed on the role to Zoe Perry for Young Sheldon.

Laurie Metcalf does a great job bringing Mary to life as a somewhat frazzled and short-tempered but also loving mother of three who just wants what’s best for everyone, even if she sometimes lets things slip. insensitive. Laurie Metcalf really nailed the pragmatic, down-to-earth parent who’s more than a little used to Sheldon’s antics.

1 Brian Thomas Smith makes Zack adorable

Actor Brian Thomas Smith really makes the most of his minor role as Zack, Penny’s goofy boyfriend. He may not be too lively, but fans still love him as a charming, innocent man who just wants to have fun and make friends. He may look imposing, but he is actually sensitive and caring.

Zack really pops when Smith brings out the character’s laid-back, goofy nature in his limited scenes. He’s even funnier when his face lights up with wonder or shock when his new science friends tell him something amazing. His line “What species is this?!” about the 1969 lunar mission is just perfect.

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