1 The Boys Theory Makes Ryan’s Last Shot More Terrifying

Season 3 of The Boys ends with a dark shot of Ryan smiling. While this is clearly a problem for Butcher, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Season 3 of The Boys.The final blow of The boys season 3 has trouble with Billy Butcher in season 4, but one theory makes Ryan’s climactic smile even more terrifying. The stories of Homelander, Soldier Boy and Billy Butcher show how their skewed morals are deeply rooted in their childhood traumas and toxic fatherly relationships. Ryan, too, has apparently hit on the dark side because his father figures – Homelander and Butcher – constantly let him down and cheat on him, but he still has time to turn things around and become a virtuous supe. It’s not yet clear if he will eventually find redemption, but things are starting to look bleak for Ryan in The boys season 4, especially after the closing scene of season 3.


Towards the end of The boys season 3, Ryan Butcher (Cameron Crovetti) seems to have a strange change of heart. Just as Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s Homelander are about to face off again, Ryan addresses Homelander as “Fatherand leaves with him soon after. Given Billy Butcher’s unrelenting animosity towards Ryan, this has been a long time coming. However, there still seems to be a lot more to Ryan’s complex decision than meets the eye. it seems.

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According to a theory, Ryan begins to develop a soft spot for Homelander, but he only decides to hold his hand The boys season 3 to protect Billy Butcher and everyone else. Ryan realizes that Homelander is powerful enough to single-handedly kill them all, and only he can stop him from doing so. He makes a tough call and puts his own sense of morality on the line to save others from his father’s wrath. However, in doing so, Ryan makes his character much more ambiguous and creepy.

How Ryan’s Season 3 Finale Explained Sets Up The Boys Season 4

With a clear deadline in sight, Billy Butcher is on a warpath against Homelander and Victoria Neuman in The boys. Meanwhile, Homelander gradually learns that no matter what he does, most of his fans will never stop loving him. Ryan, on the other hand, is in a liminal space where he could either blindly follow his father or overlook his evil ways. The fact that he joins forces with Homelander in the final moments of Season 3 only to save others shows that his heart is still in the right place. However, Ryan’s culminating smile in The boys season 3 contrasts this by depicting that he doesn’t mind Homelander killing nameless everyday people when they take a stand against overpowered supers like him. This indicates that while he still cares about Billy Butcher, he’s starting to think like Homelander.

Ryan’s complex arc makes him one of the most essential characters in The boys‘ future scenarios. His final decision will determine the fate of the rest of the world in The boys‘universe. Unlike his father, he is not yet a lost cause, but his desensitization to violence towards strangers proves that he is only a hair’s breadth from sinking into the immorality and corruption that surrounds him.

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Sharon D. Cole